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THE STORY OF LITTLE MOOK (Die Geschichte vom kleinen Muck) (1953)

Wolfgang Staudte Writers: Wilhelm Hauff (fairy tale), Peter Podehl Stars: Thomas Schmidt, Johannes Maus, Friedrich Richter

In a village somewhere in the Near East, an old man is telling his story to some children. He used to be known as "Little Mook". He had better than expected manners for a child, but also had many problems: his father died when he was very young and Little Mook was kicked out of his home by greedy relatives. He wandered off into the desert, hoping to find a merchant who'd "sell" him good fortune. Among the sand dunes, he comes across a small house owned by a wicked woman, who owned many cats. She wished to make Little Mook her servant, but he managed to escape, stealing a pair of magic shoes, which enabled him to run faster than any other man in the land. But his challenges didn't end there ...

DVD-r is in English with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 95 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

NOTE:  The intro to the film is written in German and is not subtitled.

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