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This particular DVD-R is 187 minutes long and covers the period from 23 SEPTEMBER - 23 DECEMBER 1942The picture quality is good and the sound quality is pretty good, too.  These are in German and do NOT have subtitles!

Here are some of the topics covered in this DVD:

In the suburbs of Stalingrad; The Luftwaffe makes a heavy bombing raid on Stalingrad; The Luftwaffe makes a night raid on Alexandria; Japanese U-Boats in joint exercises off the French coast; Murmansk is bombed; Mountain troops raid the USSR from bases in Finland; The Germans drive into the Caucasus; Female Wehrmachthelferinnen see Europe; Heavy fighting in Stalingrad; Rumanians smash a Soviet supply column into Stalingrad; Vichy France is occupied; Italians and Rumanians beat back Soviet flank attacks on the Volga; Japanese troops march into Burma and land on the Aleutians; Christmas in Lappland