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These DVDs came from original films we own and we reserve copyright on their compilation.  This particular DVD is 172 minutes long and covers the period from:

22 MARCH - 28 JUNE 1944 


Here are some of the topics covered in this DVD:

Léon Degrelle Reviews the Battle at Cherkassy; German Withdrawal Through Narva; Naval Action off the Coast of Norway; Luftwaffe Duels USAAF Bombers; Exchange Prisoners Return From the US; The Goliath Remote-Controlled Miniature Tank; Air Battle Over Berlin; German Troops Arrive in Budapest; Soldiers Dig Positions in Snow on Finnish Front; Soviet Attack Repulsed in Pripet Marshes; German Paratroopers Fight in Cassino Area; Close Combat in Ruins of Cassino; Street Fighting in the Kovel;  Knight's Cross Awarded to a German Pilot; Allied Bombers Shot Down Over the Alps; General Hube's Funeral in Berlin; Brigade Wallonia Returns to Brussels; Hungarian and German Troops on the Eastern Front; Floodgates Opened in Flanders and Holland; Rommel Speaks to Troops at the Atlantic Wall; German and Rumanian Troops Withdraw in Crimea; Flak Action Against Soviet Planes; Grossdeutschland Division in Action