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This particular DVD is 132 minutes long and covers the period from 03 JULY - 25 SEPTEMBER 1940The picture quality is good and the sound quality is pretty good, too.  DVD-R IS in German and do NOT have subtitles!

Here are some of the topics covered in this DVD:

Germany's Troops March Into France; NSW Aids French Civilian Refugees; Liberating German POWs; German Engineers Spearhead French Reconstruction; Back to Normal in Amsterdam and Brussels; Parisian Crowds Hear German Peace Terms; Fortifying Europe against British Attacks; Germany's Navy Prepares for War with Britain; Air Defense Drills Staged for King George VI in England;  The Rhine: firmly in German Hands; Skirmishes on Alpine Front and French Rivera; Mussolini Inspects Alpine Front; Italian Navy Patrols Mediterranean; Italian Fighters in East Africa; Gibraltar; Fear Grips the British Empire: Hong Kong; German-French Cooperation in Rebuilding Occupied France; Germans Evacuees Return Home to Merzig;  Joyful Berlin Crowds Greet Returning Wehrmacht Division; Goebbels and General Fromm Hail Victorious Soldiers; Sport and Exercise for the German Girls League; 1940 German National Art Show Opens in Munich; German Industry and Military Might: Manufacturing Panzers; RAF Bombing Raid on Hamburg; German Technicians Rebuild France; Everyday English Routines Resume in Channel Islands; U-Boots Return from Battle; Dönitz Awards Iron Cross; Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Missions; German Air Strikes over England; German Flak Batteries Deter Enemy Bombing Raids; Field Marshal von Brauchitsch Visits Wounded Soldiers; Italian Bombing Raids Open Campaign against British Somalia; Testing New Long-range Artillery; Luftwaffe Steps up Bombing Raids Against Britain; Total Blockade of Great Britain Begins; Labor Corps Spearheads Germanization in Eastern Territories (Wartheland); Ethnic Germans Return to Alsace-Lorraine; Clearing British Mines from Norway's Fjords; 4.3 million Tons of Enemy Shipping Sunk in First Year of War; Germany Fortifies the Channel Coast; Messerschmitt Fighter Planes Intercept RAF in Channel; RAF Bombardier Reaches Berlin; Germany's New Air Strategy; Raid on London: Inside a Ju 88 Divebomber; Luftwaffe Unloads Monumental Destruction on London.