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DVD documentary about WWII Germany.  These DVDs came from original films we own and we reserve copyright on their compilation.  This particular DVD is 126 minutes long and covers the period from 08 MARCH - 27 JUNE 1940The picture quality is good and the sound quality is pretty good, too.  These are in German and do NOT have subtitles!

Here are some of the topics covered in this DVD:

German Army Captures First British Soldiers; Admiral Raeder Greets Returning U-Boat Crew; Germany Invades Denmark and Norway; Danish Troops Ordered to Cease Resistance; Oslo Captured by German Troops; German Troops Push Deep into Norway; British Naval Convoy Retreats From Namsos; German Invasion of West is Launched; Luxembourg and Belgian Borders Crossed; Troops Cross Albert Canal by Raft; Maastricht Bridgehead Taken by Germans; Paratroopers dropped Over Holland; Leibstandarte Link-up With Paratroopers in Rotterdam; Fort Eben Emael Captured in Belgium; Guderian's Panzers Breach the Maginot Line; Alsace-Lorraine Reclaimed by Germany; Marshal Pétain Agrees to German Armistice Terms; German Troops Parade in Paris; Franco-German Cease-fire Signed in Compiègne.