Artikelnummer 43


This particular DVD is 131 minutes long and covers the period from 16 OCTOBER - 18 DECEMBER 1940The picture quality is good and the sound quality is pretty good, too.  DVD-R IS in German and does NOT have subtitles!

Here are some of the topics covered in this DVD:

Bountiful Vegetable Harvest in Germany; Autobahn Construction in Austria; Japanese Bombers Attack Burma Road; Victorious U-boats Return to Bases; Japan Takes Over Formerly French Indochina.; German Housing Settlements in Wartha Region; Berlin and Hamburg Children relocated to Safe Havens in Countryside; Flak Batteries Duel English Night Bombers; Memorial Services Honor Fallen Soldiers in Flanders; Coastal Batteries and Luftwaffe Planes Attack British Convoys in the Channel; Romanian earthquake Prompts German Aid; Italian Front Lines in North Africa; Ethnic Germans Depart Bessarabia for Germany; Romania's Antonescu and Slovakia's Tuka also sign Tripartite Pact; Victory in the West Exhibit Opens in Vienna; Luftwaffe stages a Massive Raid on Coventry; Daring Exploits of U-boat Lieutenant Kretschmer; Mountain Troop Artillery Exercise In Austrian Alps;  Birmingham in Flames; Admiral Raeder Launches Battleship Bismarck; Surface Battle with an Armed British Steamer; Field Marshal Von Brauchitsch Visits Troops in the East; King Michael of Romania Reviews a Parade of German Troops in Bucharest; The completion of Oslo-Bergen Highway in Norway; Wounded Soldiers make Christmas Toys for Children;  Japanese Planes Bomb Chiang Kai-shek's Supply Lines on Burma Road; Abducted Spanish Civil War Children Return Home from France; Life in Warsaw is back to Normal Again; Captured British Submarine is Converted to a U-boat;German Soldiers on Guard Duty in Stormy Weather