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THE DESCENT ON DRVAR (Desant na Drvar) (1963) * with switchable English subtitles *

Fadil Hadzic Writers: Bora Cosic, Fadil Hadzic Ljubisa Samardzic ... Milan Pavle Vuisic Pavle Vuisic ... Vasina (as Pavle Vujisic) Maks Furijan Maks Furijan ... General Rendulich Mata Milosevic Mata Milosevic ... Pukovnik von Varnb├╝ller Marija Lojk Marija Lojk ... Lepa - Milanova sestra Darko Tatic Darko Tatic ... Hauptsturmf├╝hrer Rybka Franek Trefalt Franek Trefalt ... Charlie - fotoreporter Rade Perkovic Rade Perkovic ... Komandir zastitnog bataljona Boris Stefanovic Boris Stefanovic ... Komesar (as Boris Stefanovski) Vukan Dimevski Vukan Dimevski ... Ranjenik koji se panicno boji aviona (as Vukan Dinevski) Dimitar Kostarov Dimitar Kostarov ... Komandant Divizije (as Dimitrije Kjostarov) Dragan Ocokoljic Dragan Ocokoljic ... Rybkeov adjutant, njemacki casnik Adam Vedernjak Adam Vedernjak ... Krojac Ksenija Conic Ksenija Conic ... Lika Jusuf Musabegovic Jusuf Musabegovic ... Njemacki narednik

The Raid on Drvar (known as 'The Seventh Enemy Offensive' or 'Operation Equestrian jump') was the last attempt of the Germans to reach the supreme headquarters of the partisan army and destroy it, along with its supreme commander Tito. Had this ambitious assault in May 1944 by the Germans and their allies succeeded, it would've effectively meant the end of the partisan threat. After many attempts to defeat the partisans by conventional means failed, General Lothar von Rendulitz decided to try something different: to drop parachutists directly onto Tito's HQ compound.

DVD-R is in Serbo-Croatian, Italian and German with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 99 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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