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David Butler Writers: Lamar Trotti (screen play), John Taintor Foote Loretta Young ... Sally Goodwin Richard Greene Richard Greene ... Jack Dillon Walter Brennan Walter Brennan ... Peter Goodwin Douglass Dumbrille Douglass Dumbrille ... John Dillon - 1861 (as Douglas Dumbrille) Karen Morley Karen Morley ... Mrs. Goodwin - 1861 Moroni Olsen Moroni Olsen ... John Dillon - 1938 Russell Hicks Russell Hicks ... Thad Goodwin Sr. - 1861 Willard Robertson Willard Robertson ... Bob Slocum Charles Waldron Charles Waldron ... Thad Goodwin - 1938 George Reed George Reed ... Ben Bobs Watson Bobs Watson ... Peter Goodwin - 1861 Delmar Watson Delmar Watson ... Thad Goodwin Jr. - 1861 Leona Roberts Leona Roberts ... Grace Goodwin Charles Lane Charles Lane ... Auctioneer Charles Middleton Charles Middleton ... Southerner

During the Civil War, two of the oldest families in Kentucy, the Dillons and the Goodwins, begin a long and bitter feud that's lasted into 1938. When Jack Dillon refuses to enter his father's banking business, he, under an assumed name, gets a job as a trainer in Sally Goodwin's stables. A romance develops between them. When Sally's father dies, the entire estate --- including the horses --- has to be sold at auction to pay the dead man's debts. A note turns up left by Sally's father, that according to a wager made between him and the elder Dillon, any one horse in the Dillon stable can be claimed by the Goodwins. Complications arise when Sally finds out that Jack is a Dillon. Fans of Cancel Culture might be rather offended by the stereotypical characterizations of the many Black people in the film.

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 95 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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