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DER FÄLSCHER VON LONDON (The Forger of London) (1961) * with switchable English and German subtitles *

Harald Reinl (as Dr. Harald Reinl) Writers: Edgar Wallace (novel), Johannes Kai Stars: Karin Dor, Hellmut Lange, Siegfried Lowitz

Peter Clifton and his new bride Jane are spending their honeymoon at secluded Longford Manor. One night, Jane finds her husband in a secret room at a printing press. Can it be that Peter is that long sought-after "Counterfeiter of London"? Just as surprised to see her as she is to catch him printing out brand new five Pound notes, Peter actually has the nerve to provide an explanation: Peter's dad has long suffered from a mental condition, which causes him to do things he's unaware of (like printing out counterfeit banknotes; distributing them at stores; re-selling the stolen goods on EBAY; and only then, realizing he's got a "problem"). If Jane's stupid enough to believe that one, then she'll no doubt swallow the upcoming excuse for the body of Basil Hale, once Jane's incorrigible suitor, who provokes Peter and ends up stiff as a board in the park the next morning, said condition having nothing to do with his lust for Peter's wife. But did Peter really knock off the pervert? Although everything points to her groom having done the dirty deed, Jane nevertheless destroys all the evidence pointing to him and then contacts Scotland Yard to find out what really happened (other than her arrest for tampering with a murder investigation, that is).

Peter Clifton verbringt die Flitterwochen mit seiner Braut Jane im abgeschiedenen Longford Manor. Eines nachts erwischt Jane ihren Gatten in einem geheimen Raum an einer Druckerpresse. Ist Peter etwa der lange gesuchte "Fälscher von London"? Peter ist scheinbar genau so überrascht wie seine Frau, hat aber eine Erklärung: Sein Vater litt an einer Geisteskrankheit, durch die er oft nicht mehr wusste, was er getan hat. Basil Hale, der auch gerne der Ehemann von Jane geworden wäre, provoziert Peter daraufhin, am nächsten Morgen wird er tot im Park aufgefunden. Doch wer hat ihn getötet? Obwohl alle Indizien auf Peter zeigen vertuscht Jane zuerst einmal alle Spuren, dann bittet sie Scotland Yard herauszufinden, was hier eigentlich los ist.

DVD-r is in German with switchable English and German subtitles. Approx. 89 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!


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