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BOAT PEOPLE (Tau ban no hoi) (1982) * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *

Ann Hui Writer: Kang Chien Chiu Jianzhou Cai ... Monitor Tung-Sheng Chang Tung-Sheng Chang ... Doctor Gamhung Cheung Gamhung Cheung ... Ah Thanh Shui-Chiu Gan Shui-Chiu Gan Hengbao Guo Hengbao Guo ... Leader of Team 15 Junyi Guo Junyi Guo ... Van Lang Jialing Hao Jialing Hao ... Cam Nuong's Mother Meiying Jia Meiying Jia ... Le Van Quyen George Lam George Lam ... Shiomi Akutagawa Andy Lau Andy Lau ... To Minh Shujing Lin Shujing Lin ... Comrade Vu Tao Lin Tao Lin ... Leader of Team 16 Season Ma Season Ma ... Cam Nuong Pingmei Meng Pingmei Meng ... Mrs. Pham Cora Miao Cora Miao ... Nguyen's Mistress

The film is shown through the point of view of a Japanese photojournalist named Shiomi Akutagawa. Three years after covering Danang during the communist takeover, Akutagawa is invited back to Vietnam to report on life after the war. He is guided by a government minder to a New Economic Zone near Danang and is shown a group of schoolchildren happily playing, singing songs praising Ho Chi Minh. The scene that he sees is actually staged to deceive the foreign press. In Danang, he witnesses a fire and is beaten by the police for taking photos without permission. He also sees the police beating up a "reactionary". Later he sees a family being forced to leave the city to a New Economic Zone and wonders why they would not want to go there, recalling the happy children that he saw. In the city, he meets Cam Nuong and her family. Her mother secretly works as a prostitute to raise her children. She has two younger brothers, the older one, Nhac, is a street-smart boy, who is conversant in American slang, while the younger boy, Lang, was fathered by a Korean that her mother serviced. From Cam Nuong, Akutagawa learns the grisly details of life under communism in Danang, including children searching for valuables on freshly executed corpses at the "chicken farm". 

DVD-R is in Cantonese, Vietnamese, Japanese and English with switchable English and Spanish subtitles. Approx. 104 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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