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AGE OF ILLUSIONS (Álmodozások kora) (1965) * with switchable English subtitles *

Directed by István Szabó András Bálint - Jancsi Ilona Béres - Halk Éva Judit Halász - Habgab Kati Sólyom - Anni Cecília Esztergályos - Ági Béla Asztalos - Laci Tamás Eröss - Matyi László Murányi - Gergely István Dékány - Füsi István Bujtor - Ági fiúja Klára Falvay - Miklós Gábor - Flesch

Jancsi Oláh is in the transitional phase between adolescent and adult. He was born in 1938 and is now getting his first job as an engineer. On television, he happens to see a young lawyer, Éva Halk, who gets his attention. In his imagination, she's the most interesting woman he's ever seen. Jansci is part of a close group of young engineers. They see the older engineers as mediocre and have grand ideas about developing new inventions together. With changing living conditions, the five friends start to grow apart. At a party, Jancsi suddenly meets Éva Halk. They fall in love and find common memories. Both of them chose to stay in Hungary in 1956, when many of their friends fled the country. The sudden death of a mutual friend from leukemia is a hard blow for them all. The fear of death grabs Éva and Jancsi. They start seeing each other as obstacles to their own development.

DVD-R is in Hungarian with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 93 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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