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MAGYAROK (Hungarians) (1978) * with switchable English subtitles *

József Balázs (novel), Zoltán Fábri Gábor Koncz ... Fábián András Éva Pap Éva Pap ... Fábiánné, Ilona József Bihari József Bihari ... Utolsó magyar az álomjelenetben Sándor Szabó Sándor Szabó ... Német gazda Zoltán Gera Zoltán Gera ... Brainer, intézõ Tibor Molnár Tibor Molnár ... Gáspár Dániel István O. Szabó István O. Szabó ... Kondor Ábris Noémi Apor Noémi Apor ... Szabóné, Zsófi Bertalan Solti Bertalan Solti ... Szabó János Anna Muszte Anna Muszte ... Kisné, Rozika András Ambrus András Ambrus ... Kis Dani Erzsi Pápai Erzsi Pápai ... Tarné (as Pápay Erzsi) Gellért Raksányi Gellért Raksányi ... Tar Elek István Holl István Holl ... Anton, a bolond István Szilágyi István Szilágyi ... Bacskó Bandi - a falu bolondja

Set during the brink of World War II, Zoltán Fábri’s 1978 film Magyarok depicts a group of migrant workers, who've moved from Hungary to work on a farm in Northern Germany. Although laboring in decent and fair conditions, the group begins to reconsider their surroundings after witnessing the ill-treatment of prisoners of war and those who have succumb to the fate of the time. What they face in their proposal to leave is the truth of an era overrun by Nazi-occupied Germany, and a struggle against all obstacles to escape it.

DVD-R is in Hungarian with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 106 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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