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ZOO ZERO (1978) * with switchable French subtitles *

Catherine Jourdan ... Eva / The singer Klaus Kinski Klaus Kinski ... Yavé, le directeur du zoo Pierre Clémenti Pierre Clémenti ... Ivo, le bégue Lisette Malidor Lisette Malidor ... Ivy, l'androgyne Rufus Rufus ... Yves, le chauffeur ventriloque Piéral Piéral ... Uwe, l'imprésario Alida Valli Alida Valli ... Yvonne, la mère Christine Chappey Christine Chappey ... Yvette Anthony Steffen Anthony Steffen ... Evariste, le commissaire Jacky Belhassen Jacky Belhassen ... Yvon, le bruiteur Fabien Belhassen Fabien Belhassen ... Yvan, l'imitateur

In a destroyed nocturnal Paris, ravaged by "accident or disease" (perhaps post war or mid rabies epidemic), a nightclub singer negotiates the space between the human and animal worlds, haunted by figures from her past in the liminal human-animal trance-space of the city zoo. Klaus Kinski narrates from his control room via vocoder, a vampiric Pierre Clementi plays Mozart on a flute at dramatic moments, Rufus discusses Spanish politics via a Donald Duck puppet, and Catherine Jourdan, at the center of every sequence, gathers the threads and performs one of the most rivetingly weird night nightclub songs on film, a story of a first erotic experience triggered by a lion mauling at the Berlin zoo. Dropping acid while viewing could only make the film more coherent.

DVD-R is in French with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 96 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!


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