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UNHEIMLICHE GESCHICHTEN (Eerie Tales) (1919) * with switchable English subtitles *

Richard Oswald Writers: Anselma Heine (story "Die Erscheinung"), Robert Liebmann (story "Die Hand") | 3 more credits » Stars: Anita Berber, Conrad Veidt, Reinhold Schünzel

An antiquarian bookseller closes his shop for the night. On the walls hang portraits of Death, the Devil and a Harlot, which come to life and roam around the empty shop, amusing themselves by reading macabre tales from the bookseller’s dusty shelves…

The Apparition: A stranger rescues a young woman when her former husband attacks her. She explains that he is insane and refuses to leave her alone even though they are divorced. The stranger escorts her to a hotel, where they stay in separate rooms. After a night out with his friends, he pays the woman a visit, only to find her room, number 117, empty and in disarray. He later questions the desk staff, who deny the room was ever occupied…

The Hand: Two men are rivals for one woman’s affections, and they decide who shall win her by a throw of dice. The enraged loser strangles his rival to death, but the dead man’s hand tightens its grip on him... Years pass before the Murderer next meets the woman; she invites him to see her debut performance as a dancer. As the Murderer watches, a ghostly hand clutches at the stage curtain…but worse is to come when the woman invites him to join a séance…

The Black Cat: A traveller makes the acquaintance of a drunkard and his pretty but long-suffering wife. He is invited to their home, but is caught flirting with the drunkard’s wife and made to leave. When the jealous drunkard then threatens to harm his wife’s beloved cat, a struggle ensues and the wife is accidentally killed. He attempts to hide his crime by walling up her corpse in the cellar, but the suspicious traveller soon returns…

The Suicide Club: A curious stranger searching a supposedly deserted property discovers the inner sanctum of the ‘Suicide Club’, where any member unfortunate enough to draw the ace of spades from a deck of cards is bound by the club’s rules to take his own life. Despite pleas from the sister of the sinister club President, the newcomer joins the club, drinking a toast to a recently departed member…and drawing the ace of spades on his very first night…

The Spook: In the 18th century, the bored wife of a caring but inattentive Baron takes in a travelling nobleman who has been injured nearby in a coach accident. Noting the developing attraction between his wife and the stranger, the Baron finds an excuse to leave his castle. Alone with the Baron's wife, the nobleman finds his mettle tested by a series of disturbances apparently supernatural in origin...

Um Mitternacht steigen der Tod, der Teufel und eine Dirne aus ihren Bildern in einem Antiquariat und erzählen einander fünf Gruselgeschichten:

1. "Die Erscheinung": In einem Hotel verschwindet eine Frau spurlos. Die Hotelleitung wollte vertuschen, dass sie an der Pest gestorben ist.

2. "Die Hand": Die Hand eines Ermordeten verfolgt den Mörder aus dem Jenseits.

3. "Die schwarze Katze": Ein Mann bringt seine Frau um und mauert die Leiche im Keller ein, aber die ebenfalls eingemauerte Katze verrät ihn.

4. "Der Selbstmörder-Klub": Ein Polizeikommissar gerät in einen Geheimbund, in dem derjenige, der die Todeskarte zieht, sterben muss.

5. "Der Spuk": Durch einen inszenierten Spuk vertreibt ein Mann seinen Nebenbuhler. – Am Ende verschwinden die drei Erzähler, aber der Antiquar ist wahnsinnig geworden.

DVD-R has German intertitles with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 98 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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