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Directed by Thomas Bentley Written by John Hastings Turner Paul Perez Marjorie Deans Produced by Walter C. Mycroft Matheson Lang - Sir Douglas Rolls Margaret Bannerman - Laura Locke Arthur Margetson - Leslie Locke Richard Bird - Eric Hammond Sam Livesey - Sir Henry Linguard Frank Atkinson - Pope Hal Gordon - Percival Brown Kathleen Harrison - Agnes Carter - Locke's Maid Robert Horton - Doctor Hackett Alec Fraser - Grainger Jeanne Stuart - Phyllis Ware J. Fisher White - Judge Laurence Hanray - Parker O. B. Clarence - Mr. Hammond Mary Jerrold - Mrs. Hammond Jimmy Godden - Inspector Holmes Directed by Leo McCarey Screenplay by ViƱa Delmar Based on The Awful Truth 1923 play by Arthur Richman Produced by Leo McCarey Irene Dunne as Lucy Warriner Cary Grant as Jerry Warriner Ralph Bellamy as Dan Leeson Alexander D'Arcy as Armand Duvalle Cecil Cunningham as Aunt Patsy Molly Lamont as Barbara Vance Esther Dale as Mrs. Leeson Joyce Compton as Dixie Belle Lee Robert Allen as Frank Randall Robert Warwick as Mr. Vance Mary Forbes as Mrs. Vance Skippy as Mr. Smith, the dog


Sir Douglas Rolls has earned the reputation of being England's greatest barrister. But he has just been informed by Doctor Hackett, specialist on diseases of the heart, that overwork has taken its toll and if Sir Douglas does not take off work for several months, he stands a good chance of dying soon. Back in his chambers, a solicitor named Pope is waiting to see him. Pope's firm handles most of the important legal cases. Pope is there to ask Sir Douglas to take up the defense of his client, Leslie Locke. 

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 71 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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Jerry Warriner tells his wife he is going on vacation to Florida, but instead spends the week at his sports club in New York City. He returns home to find that his wife, Lucy, spent the night in the company of her handsome music teacher, Armand Duvalle. Lucy claims his car broke down unexpectedly. Lucy discovers that Jerry did not actually go to Florida. Their mutual suspicion results in divorce proceedings with Lucy winning custody of their dog. The judge orders the divorce finalized in 90 days. Lucy moves into an apartment with her Aunt Patsy. Her neighbor is amiable, but rustic, Oklahoma oilman Dan Leeson, whose motherdoes not approve of Lucy. Jerry subtly ridicules Dan in front of Lucy, which causes Lucy to tie herself more closely to Dan. Jerry begins dating sweet-natured, but simple, singer Dixie Belle Lee, unaware that she performs an embarrassing, sexually suggestive act at a local nightclub. Convinced that Lucy is still having an affair with Duvalle, Jerry bursts into Duvalle's apartment only to discover that Lucy is a legitimate vocal student of Duvalle and is giving her first recital. 

DVD-R is in French with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 91 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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