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Otto Kanturek Writers: Clifford Grey Grete Natzler ... Princess Helene Patric Knowles Patric Knowles ... Max Brandt W.H. Berry W.H. Berry ... Pedell Carol Goodner Carol Goodner ... Veronika Laubenthaler Mackenzie Ward Mackenzie Ward ... Karl Reuter Iris Ashley Iris Ashley ... Desiree Steven Geray Steven Geray ... Mickey Hugh Dempster Hugh Dempster ... Bruno Ivan Samson Ivan Samson ... Grand Duke of Westphalia Robert Nainby Robert Nainby ... Hermann Streudelmeier, Karl's Uncle Norma Varden Norma Varden ... Dora Streudelmeier, Karl's Aunt Wallace Lupino Wallace Lupino ... Sportsman Clay Keyes Clay Keyes ... Hans - Policeman (as Haver and Lee) Frank Tully Frank Tully ... Otto - Policeman (as Haver and Lee) Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Gilbert Davis Gilbert Davis ... Bit part

Max Brandt is a poor student at Heidelberg University. He meets and falls in love with Princess Helene, who is traveling incognito; and she falls for him as well. However, she's engaged to a prince who's so poor, a friendly barmaid at a gasthaus, who admires his songwriting abilities, pays his bills. The prince is a proud one, however, and it annoys him to no end that a woman is paying his way. His friend Karl Reuter has also been finding ways to pay his debts -- another sore point for the prince -- and this has led to him courting the barmaid, which provides a subplot to the story.

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 77 min.  See film sample for audio and video quality! 

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