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Directed by William Fairchild Screenplay by William Fairchild Laurence Harvey as Lieutenant Lionel Crabb, R.N.V.R. Dawn Addams as Third Officer Jill Masters, W.R.N.S. Michael Craig as Leading Seaman Knowles John Clements as the Admiral Sid James as Chief Petty Officer Thorpe Alec McCowen as Able Seaman Morgan Nigel Stock as Able Seaman Fraser Ian Whittaker as Ordinary Seaman Thomas Arnoldo FoĆ  as Tomolino Gianna Maria Canale as Conchita Massimo Serato as Forzellini Giacomo Rossi-Stuart as Rosati Carlo Giustini as Fellini Raymond Young as Celloni David Lodge as Sergeant Ewen Solon as Willowdale Captain Brian Oulton as Holford Howard Marion-Crawford as Wing Commander Cyril Shaps as Miguel Lee Montague as Miguel's Mate John Lee as Flag Lieutenant Terence Longdon as Lieutenant Bailey Ian MacNaughton as Sentry outside Admiral's Office David Fotheringham as Italian frogman Alan Webb as British Consul John Moffatt as Diving Volunteer Harold Siddons as Army Interrogation Officer Michael Brill as Naval Interrogation Officer

The story begins with a dramatisation of the Italian torpedo raid on Alexandria in 1941, in which two British battleships were severely damaged. The British are worried that this new tactic will give the Italians naval supremacy in the Mediterranean, with the primary target for the Italians being the Royal Navy base at Gibraltar. To counter this threat, bomb disposal expert Lionel Crabb is posted to Gibraltar. He creates a team of divers to intercept the Italian attacks and defuse the bombs. Meanwhile, from Algeciras in neutral Spain, an Italian expert on underwater operations, Antonio Tomolino, is secretly watching the British base in Gibraltar and planning new attacks. 

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 107 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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