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NIGHT OVERTAKES ME (Zastihla me Noc) (1986) * with switchable English subtitles *

Jana Riháková ... Jozka Jaburková Jana Brejchová Jana Brejchová ... Jozcina matka Rudolf Hrusínský Rudolf Hrusínský ... Dr. Pfitzner Katerina Urbancová Katerina Urbancová ... malá Jozka Dagmar Havlová Dagmar Havlová ... Marycka (as Dagmar Veskrnová) Sylvia Turbová Sylvia Turbová ... Maria Mandlová (as Sylvie Turbová) Andrea Bogusovská Andrea Bogusovská ... Zdena / Helena (as Zdena Bogusovská) Zdenka Sajfertová Zdenka Sajfertová ... Blokarka Valérie Zawadská Valérie Zawadská ... Grundilka Ludmila Molínová Ludmila Molínová ... Anca Hana Brejchová Hana Brejchová ... Bozka Eva Repíková Eva Repíková ... Stará zena Yvetta Kornová Yvetta Kornová ... Devce Jana Svobodová Jana Svobodová ... Mirka Hana Militká Hana Militká ... Lauferka Miroslav Donutil Miroslav Donutil ... Katecheta Jan Hrusínský Jan Hrusínský ... Ucitel Jirí Stepnicka Jirí Stepnicka ... Jaburek Radoslav Brzobohatý Radoslav Brzobohatý ... Josef Palecek Július Vasek Július Vasek ... Invalida Jirí Schmitzer Jirí Schmitzer ... Grundil Leon Niemczyk Leon Niemczyk ... Velitel koncentracniho tábora Boris Rösner Boris Rösner ... Lídin otec Lucie Benesová Lucie Benesová ... Lída Bohumila Dolejsová Bohumila Dolejsová ... Lídina matka Renata Masková Renata Masková ... Gita Gabriela Wilhelmová Gabriela Wilhelmová ... Delnice Jaroslava Pokorná Jaroslava Pokorná ... Delnice Daniela Vacková Daniela Vacková ... Ilza Monika Hálová Monika Hálová ... Anezka Zuzana Langerová Zuzana Langerová ... Dozorkyna Alena Belská Alena Belská ... Dozorkyna Hana Primusová Hana Primusová ... Devce Daria Spackova Daria Spackova ... (as Daria Spacková) Xenie Vangeli Xenie Vangeli ... dcera Marycky Ruzena Rudnická Ruzena Rudnická ... Lékarka Slawomira Lozinska Slawomira Lozinska ... Dozorkyne a vezenkyne Halina Chrobak Halina Chrobak ... Dozorkyne a vezenkyne Anna Smal-Romanska Anna Smal-Romanska ... Dozorkyne a vezenkyne Anna Chitro Anna Chitro ... Dozorkyne a vezenkyne Magdalena George-Pietrewicz Magdalena George-Pietrewicz ... Dozorkyne a vezenkyne (as Magda George) Joanna Ciemniewska Joanna Ciemniewska ... Dozorkyne a vezenkyne (as Joanna Ciemieniewska) Krystyna Liskowacka Krystyna Liskowacka ... Dozorkyne a vezenkyne Grazyna Jakubecka Grazyna Jakubecka ... Dozorkyne a vezenkyne

The life and slow death of Communist journalist and Prague City Council member Jozka Jaburkova in the Ravensbruck concentration camp is the focus of this wartime drama. Suffering almost from the beginning as an illegitimate child burdened with extreme moral expectations by her fanatically religious mother, Jaburkova suffered at the hands of teachers and authorities in her all girls’ school. Her sympathy for the oppressed or those experiencing unjust hardship or discrimination got her into trouble again and again, both as a student and when she went on to seek employment. As the camera focuses on scenes in the concentration camp, Jaburkova’s memories of her past are shown in flashbacks.

DVD-R is in Czech with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 129 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!


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