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THE CANTOR'S SON (1937) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Ilya Motyleff; Sidney Goldin; Louis Freiman; Moyshe Oysher ; Florence Weiss; Judith Abarbanel; Michael Rosenberg; Juda Bleich; Bertha Guttenberg; Isidore Cashier; Vicki Marcus; Lorraine Abarbanal; Daniel Makarenko; Irving Honigman

Shloimele leaves his family behind in a Polish shtetl and endures a life of poverty in the New World until his singing talents are discovered while he's washing floors in a nightclub.  Becoming a big star, he ends up being torn between the glittering attractions of a world of stardom and his family, living marginally in the Pale.  The film is partly based on the star's (Moisher Oysher) real life experiences.

DVD-R is in Yiddish with hard-encoded English subtitles.  Approx. 90 mins.  See sample for audio and video quality!

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