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THE SWINDLE (Il Bidone)(1955) *with switchable English subs; Italian/German audio *


Aging, small-time con man Augusto, who swindles peasants, works with two younger men: Roberto, who wants to become the Italian Johnny Ray, and Bruno, nicknamed Picasso, who has a wife and daughter and wants to paint. Augusto avoids the personal entanglements, spending money at clubs seeking the good life. His attitude changes when he runs into his own daughter, whom he rarely sees, and realizes she's now a young woman and in need of his help to continue her studies. His usual partners are away, so he goes in with others to run a swindle, and they aren't so forgiving, when he claims he's given the money back to their mark. They leave him beaten, robbed, and alone.


Der alternde Gauner Augusto hält sich und seine Komplizen Carlo und Roberto mit Betrügereien über Wasser. Während der sensible Carlo von Gewissensbissen geplagt wird, scheint Augusto überhaupt keine Skrupel zu kennen. Erst als er vor den Augen seiner 18-jährigen Tochter verhaftet wird, spürt er erstmals die Folgen seines Handelns. Aus dem Gefängnis entlassen, will er die alte Tour mit neuen Partnern fortsetzen, doch sein erstes Opfer ist ausgerechnet ein gelähmtes Mädchen. Augusto bringt es nicht übers Herz, sie zu betrügen. Seine Komplizen haben für diese Mildtätigkeit jedoch kein Verständnis. Augustos erste gute Tat wird ihm zum Verhängnis.





ADMIRAL YAMAMOTO  (1968) * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *


As Japan joins in a political pact with Nazi Germany and fascist Italy, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is appointed supreme commander of the Japanese fleet. With Japan headed inexorably toward war, Yamamoto, despite his misgivings, believes the only possible victory lies in destroying the American fleet by surprise at Pearl Harbor. The attack succeeds, but fails to sink the American carrier fleet. Thus, Yamamoto must lead the Japanese Navy into a war with an ever-diminishing likelihood of success.














NIGHT AMBUSH  (1957) * with English and Spanish audio tracks *


An unlikely pair of heroes kidnap a Nazi general from the German headquarters on Crete, in order to transport him to British-occupied Cairo. Aided by a group of Cretan freedom fighters, they hijack the general's car, then lead their captive through dangerous mountain terrain to a waiting boat, while an immense number of German soldiers look for their missing leader.










MADAMIGELLA DI MAUPIN  (1966) * with switchable English subtitles *


Mlle de Maupin escapes from her uncle's castle, invaded by Hungarian troops, under the guise of a clergyman named Theodore. An army recruiter forces Theodore to enlist in the King's army, and not even a religious robe can prevent it. Theodore is assigned to be the aide-de-camp to Alcibiade, a man who's as virile in combat, as he is troubled about his aide's body. D'Albert, an aristocrat, will expose Theodore's true sex, and after a number of confusing, comedic situations, Alcibiade will appease his troubled feelings.
















When the mayor of Almendingen announces the incorporation of Entenbach, the Entenbachers swear terrible revenge. Even the help of a "Prussian" and an Italian used as an alpine keeper is okay with the Bavarian ruffians. It's to be expected that the two would only cause more confusion. And the conflict between the two villages soon culminates in an all-hands-on-deck battle.


Als der Bürgermeister von Almendingen die Eingemeindung von Entenbach bekannt gibt, schwören die Entenbacher fürchterliche Rache. Sogar die Hilfe eines „Preußen“ und eines als Almhüters eingesetzten Italieners ist den bayerischen Kampfhähnen willkommen. Dass die beiden nur noch mehr Verwirrung stiften, war zu erwarten. Und die Auseinandersetzung der beiden Dörfer gipfelt bald in einer handfesten Saalschlacht.





NEVER OPEN THAT DOOR  (No abras nunca esa Puerta)  (1952)  * with switchable English subtitles *


The film is made up of two distinct episodes connected by a common theme: a door, which separates good from evil. In the first episode, "Someone on the Telephone", Angel Magana intends to avenge the death of his sister, a woman, who committed suicide because of gambling debts. In the second episode, "The Singing Bird returns Home", Roberto Escalada is a former prisoner, who whistled whenever he committed a crime. He returns home to his blind mother, who believes he's redeemed himself.


Dos distintos episodios que tienen en común la puerta que separa el bien del mal. En el primer segmento, "Alguien al teléfono", Ángel Magaña intenta vengar la muerte de su hermana, una niña que se suicida por deudas de juego. En el segundo, "El pájaro cantor vuelve al hogar", Roberto Escalada es un ex preso que silba cuando comete delitos y regresa a casa donde esperaba su madre ciega, que cree que él ha regenerado.








DER KAPITAN  (1971)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Dream ship 1971: Veteran sea-dog Ebbs has been transferred from a run-down freighter, which he commands, to captain of the luxury steamer "Julia". It doesn't take him long to realize that he has a whole new set of problems to deal with on the elegant passenger ship than he had on the commercial vessel: the crew's rebellious; the passengers nag the hell out of him; and so forth. Consul Carstens, the main shareholder of the company which owns the liner, is onboard and always finds something to complain about. When Ebbs loses his nerve and beats the paymaster in front of everyone, he worries that he's about to lose the job he just got. But then, a lady, who's been reported missing, finds herself in the Consul's cabin and the crafty and charming Ebbs finds a way to avoid embarrassment for all and keep his captaincy at the same time.


Traumschiff 1971: Der alte Seebär Ebbs wechselt von dem abgetakelten Frachter, auf dem er bisher das Kommando hatte, als Kapitän auf den Luxusdampfer "Julia". Schnell stellt er fest, dass er auf dem eleganten Passagierschiff mit ganz anderen Problemen fertig werden muss als bisher: Die Besatzung ist aufmüpfig, die Passagiere nörgeln. Konsul Carstens, der wichtigste Anteilseigner der Reederei, ist mit an Bord und hat an allem etwas auszusetzen. Als Ebbs die Nerven verliert und vor allen Leuten den Zahlmeister verprügelt, muss er befürchten, seinen Job zu verlieren. Aber dann findet sich eine Dame, die als vermisst gemeldet wird, in der Kabine des Konsuls, und der listige und charmante Ebbs bleibt Kapitän der "Julia".








The picturesque castle of Tiefenstein, a boarding school, which serves as a new home for musically gifted orphans, is expecting high-ranking visitors. The American sponsors have just announced their surprise visit to ensure themselves of the pupils’ progress. But the trouble is that clever director Himmelreich has just reduced her teaching staff in order to save money. Now, she has to compensate as quickly as possible to pep up her unmusical disciples. In her distress, Himmelreich hires Peter Hagen – who admittedly has no understanding of classical music but is a great jazz musician.


Das malerische Schloss Tiefenstein, ein Internat, das musikbegabten Waisenkindern ein neues Zuhause gibt, erwartet hohen Besuch: Die Geldgber aus Amerika haben sich überraschend angekündigt, um sich vor Ort von den Fortschritten der Schüler zu überzeugen. Das Dumme ist nur, dass die pfiffige Direktorin Himmelreich erst kürzlich ihr Lehrpersonal reduziert hat, um Geld zu sparen. Nun muss schnellstens Ersatz her, um die unmusikalischen Eleven in Schwung zu bringen. In ihrer Not engagiert Himmelreich Peter Hagen – der versteht zwar nichts von Klassik, ist dafür aber ein unschlagbarer Jazzer.








Adapted from Arthur Miller's play, the film focuses on a group of Frenchmen who are detained at Vichy, the capital of unoccupied France during the Nazi occupation, and "investigated" for suspicion of secretly being Jewish.












In a rather liberated sex education class, the young instructor ends her lesson with an assignment: each student is to prepare a lecture on the subject of "foreplay" within a week. If there are any problems, then they're to contact her. This leads to an expected stage of sexual experimentation among the students, which in no way leaves out their teacher. 


Der Aufklärungsunterricht der jungen Lehrerin endet mit der Aufforderung, innerhalb einer Woche einen Vortrag zum Thema "Das Vorspiel" vorzubereiten und bei Problemen mit ihr Kontakt aufzunehmen. Dadurch wird ein Stadium der sexuellen Experimente eingeleitet, welches quer durch die ganze Klasse geht und auch die Lehrerin nicht verschont.












Ferdinand and Josef, two typical Viennese cafe waiters, are not only jealous of one another professionally, but are also in competition to win the hand of the widowed owner of the institution, Christine, who happens to prefer Ferdinand. But when Ferdinand puts up her niece Mizzi in his place, Christine misinterprets the situation and turns heartbroken to Baron von Brelowsky, who just happens to have the hots for Mizzi. Of course, Josef does his part, too, to lead to even more misunderstandings.


Ferdinand und Josef, zwei typische Wiener Kaffeehauskellner, sind nicht nur beruflich aufeinander eifersüchtig, sondern sie bemühen sich auch beide um die verwitwete Besitzerin des beliebten Stammlokals Christine, die allerdings Ferdinand den Vorzug gibt. Als Ferdinand aber seine Nichte Mizzi bei sich aufnimmt, versteht Christine die Situation falsch und wendet sich gekränkt Baron von Brelowsky zu, der sich jedoch auch für die junge Mizzi interessiert. Auch die Tollpatschigkeit des Kellners Josef führt zu allerlei Missverständnissen.











Penniless Adele Spitzeder arrives in Munich in 1870 and starts taking out loans. She keeps getting deeper into debt and only makes interest payments on them. Unfortunately, the banks are doing the same thing; after discovering that, shrewd Adele takes on the role of the abused debtor, taken advantage of by unscrupulous bankers, who are able to do the same as she, but get away with it without consequences. Instinctively, she comes to the conclusion that the best defense is a good offense, and becomes a tireless fighter against the state and big capitalism. Ultimately, though, she makes the same mistake most leftists do and decides to become what she formerly condemned: a banker. Suddenly forgetting her own arguments of how big capital abused her, she goes too far in doing the same to others and angry competitors from the Bavarian financial aristocracy bring them to court on a charge of fraud.


Die mittellose Adele Spitzeder kommt 1870 nach München und beginnt Kredite aufzunehmen. Sie macht Schulden und zahlt dafür Zinsen – tut also letztlich das gleiche wie die Banken selbst. Nachdem sie das herausgefunden hat, wird sie zur gewieften Geschäftemacherin und nebenbei auch zur Volksheldin, da sie sich als Kämpferin gegen Staat und Kapital definiert. Doch als sie schließlich ihre eigene Bank gründet, geht sie zu weit: Ihre erzürnten Konkurrenten vom bayerischen Finanzadel bringen sie zu Fall und wegen Betrugs ins Gefängnis.





HURRA FOR ANDERSENS  (1966)  * with switchable English and Norwegian subs *


Carl Alfred Andersen lives with Hildur and their four children in an abandoned grocery store. Their unorthodox lifestyle, and the fact that they are not married, is a continuing nuisance to the neighborhood; especially the head of the building society, Hermansen, who will do anything to get the family to move.









HYPPOLIT THE BUTLER  (1931)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Comedy about a typical parvenu, an ignorant transportation entrepreneur who has suddenly found himself very rich. Despite their humble origins, his wife strives to live a sophisticated lifestyle. When she engages a butler, Hyppolit, their whole life is turned upside down. It has remained one of the most viewed Hungarian comedies of all time: it is shown regularly and is still extremely popular.
















THE EMBRACE  (1969)  * with switchable English and Dutch subtitles *


Michel, known for his sexual prowess, hires a young girl, Gisèle, to be his servant, because she can make good coffee. She is raped by the man and soon becomes his willing sex slave. He slaps her around before making love, which is the only behavior she finds repugnant. She avenges his abusive behavior in a surprise ending.

















LES BONNES FEMMES  (1960)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Ginette, Rita, Jacqueline and Jane try to find fulfillment and love in their lives. Rita has a fiancée, whose family is obsessed with social distinction; Jane has a boyfriend in the army, but does not hesitate to enjoy herself with chance encounters; Ginette has a mysterious passion that keeps her away from her colleagues at nights. Jacqueline is lonely; but who is that mysterious bike-rider who is constantly following her?


Quatre vendeuses travaillent dans un magasin d'appareils ménagers dans l'attente de l'heure de la sortie qui leur permet de vivre leurs rêves de pacotille. Jane se laisse trop facilement draguer. Rita accepte un mariage médiocre. Ginette se produit dans un music-hall miteux. Jacqueline, rêvant du grand amour, rencontre un sadique qui l'étrangle.









MOON OVER MOROCCO  (les cinq gentlemen maldits)  (1931)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Five gentlemen are on vacation in Morocco; one of them takes off a Muslim girl's veil and the sorcerer curses them: before the full moon, all of them will die.They do not take it seriously and they indeed begin to die - one gets drowned,a second is killed in a plane wreck, the third is stabbed to death in the ruins of Volubilis. And then there were two... Might the curse be true? Both survivors begin to get afraid. Will the mystery  be solved after they track down the sorcerer?


Moulay-Idriss, la ville sainte du Maroc, cinq gentlemen sont maudits par un sorcier qu'ils ont bousculé, parce que l'un d'eux voulait retirer le voile de la jeune fille qui l'accompagnait : ils mourront de mort violente avant la nouvelle lune...









George Gommery enjoys slipping in to town to see some little actress, never suspecting that his wife can play the same game just as well as he can. Or at least, he never suspects so, until he tells his wife that her lover is engaged to the woman he's been entertaining in London.


A mother is so shocked by her daughter's almost being overrun by a car that she needs internment in a sanatorium. The doctor, in love with her, takes advantage of her amnesic state to make her family believe she's dead and takes her away from them. 














Thomas Laurends, the spoiled son of a wealthy family, is a real heartbreaker. On a mission from his father, he journeys one day to Hungary to find horses for the family stud farm. It's a trip that pleases him to no end, for now he can use the opportunity to combine work and pleasure and escape from his needy girlfriend, Karin. But when Thomas arrives in Hungary, it doesn't take him long to fall in love with temperamental Piroschka. What the young Casanova doesn't know, however, is that Karin has, in the interim, attached herself to a tour group to follow a "boyfriend" into the "Wild East".


Thomas Laurends, der verwöhnte Sohn einer wohlhabenden Familie, ist ein echter Herzensbrecher. Im Auftrag seines Vaters soll er eines Tages von Hamburg nach Ungarn reisen, um dort Pferde für das familiäre Gestüt zu kaufen – eine Reise, die ihm gerade recht kommt, kann er so doch auf elegante Weise seiner anhänglichen Freundin Karin entfliehen. In Ungarn angekommen, verliebt Thomas sich schon bald in die temperamentvolle Piroschka. Was der junge Casanova nicht ahnt: Karin hat sich inzwischen einer Reisegruppe angeschlossen, um ihrem Freund in den "wilden Osten" zu folgen.






HANDSOME SERGE (le beau Serge) (1958) * switchable English and German subs *


Francois, a theology student suffering from tuberculosis, returns from Paris to his small hometown village to recuperate. It’s been ten years since he last set foot in the place and he’s shocked to find that his childhood friend Serge, once a promising architect, is now a hopeless drunk. Serge is bitter about the stillborn death of his first child, and has fallen out of love from his wife Yvonne. Despite hostility from the villagers, Francois is determined to do what he can to help his friend.


Der Student François Baillou ist erkrankt. Um sich von seinem Leiden zu erholen, kehrt der junge Mann in das Dorf seiner Jugend zurück. Dabei stellt er fest, dass die dort wohnenden Menschen einen langsamen Niedergang erleben. Vor allem sein alter Freund Serge (Gérard Bain) hat sich verändert. Seit dem dessen Frau Yvonne (Michèle Méritz) eine Fehlgeburt erlitten hat, sucht Serge Trost in der Sauferei. François versucht alles, um seinen Freund aus dem Sumpf des Zorns und des Selbstmitleids herauszuholen, möchte aber auch sein Vergnügen haben. Deswegen macht er sich an Serges Schwägerin Marie heran. Zwischen François und Serge kommt es im Laufe der Zeit zu immer größeren Konflikten, da Serge nur wenig Interesse daran hat, sich mit seiner Situation ernsthaft auseinanderzusetzen.





Text Box: You may have missed these titles  LETZTE MANN (1924) * with English intertitles *


An aging doorman, after being fired from his prestigious job at a luxurious Hotel, is forced to face the scorn of his friends, neighbours and society.











TIME STOOD STILL (1959) * with switchable English subtitles *


Two middle-aged men work as caretakers on an isolated dam construction site high in the snow-capped Italian Alps. When one of them leaves for the valley to spend Christmas vacation with his family he is temporarily replaced with an adolescent boy. The other man is both annoyed and intrigued by the boy and his habits: he listens to loud music, sleeps too long in the mornings and doesn't drink any alcohol. They barely speak to one another in the first couple of days. But when an avalanche cuts their small hut from electricity they slowly start growing more fond of each other.







 (Prostitute) (1926) * with hard-encoded English intertitles *


The film is set in Moscow during the mid 1920s. Some live the high life, while others barely survive. A young girl, Lyuba, lives with her elderly aunt Barbara. Barbara takes advantage of and abuses the girl, and later, "sells" her to a neighbor. kicking her out of the house. But Lyuba does not stay in the street for long: she is sheltered by a random friend, who turns out to be a brothel madam. She also pimps out the girl. Next to Aunt Barbara lives the Tyrkin family. Pyotr Tyrkin works for the businessman-butcher Kondratiev. Pyotr's everyday life is well-adjusted. His wife Vera keeps house and raises two young children. Work brings in a regular income.However, Pyotr ends up getting killed while drunk. Left without a livelihood, Vera is forced by the situation to get together with the butcher and sell her body. On the street, she meets seasoned prostitute Manka, who tells about her fate. When Manka worked as a maid, she was seduced by the son of the mistress. After getting kicked out of the house by the mistress for having relations with her son, she became homeless. On the street, she came to work at a whorehouse and got a venereal disease, which she is still recovering from. Vera is not able to earn money from prostitution. Both of her children fall seriously ill one after another. In desperation, she tries to commit suicide by throwing herself into an ice-hole. But she does not succeed with the attempt and gets rescued.

ROSSINI (1942) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *


The famous composer's life and his career. His love story with Isabella Colbran, the soprano who was to become his wife and the singer in all his operas up to the unfortunate day she lost her voice.









 TOTENSCHIFF (The Death Ship) (1959) * with switchable English subtitles *


After a line of mischief, Philip Gale, an American sailor, is lured into hiring on the "Yorikke", a tramp cargo, by Lawski, a stoker from Poland. Still, the two become friends within the motley crew of losers from all nations. Gale and his new companion soon are more than disillusioned: the "Yorikke" is far from seaworthy and more of a coffin than a ship; work is close to slavery, and treatment by the officers and their subalterns is harsh and cynical. One day they make an alarming discovery in a tin of plum butter they have procured from the ship's cargo.


Der amerikanische Seemann Philip Gale ist vom Pech verfolgt: Erst verpasst er sein Schiff, weil er zu lange mit einer belgischen Schönheit im Bett lag. Dann stellt er fest, dass die Frau ihm Geld und Ausweis gestohlen hat. Und schließlich wird er von der belgischen Polizei aufgegriffen. Da er sich nicht ausweisen kann, schiebt man ihn ins benachbarte Holland ab. Dort hofft er auf die Hilfe des amerikanischen Konsuls, doch der teilt ihm mit, dass die Beschaffung neuer Papiere sehr lang dauern kann, zumal Philip nicht einmal beweisen kann, dass er wirklich Amerikaner ist. Da Philip die endlose Prüfung seiner Identität nicht abwarten will, schmuggelt er sich über die Grenze nach Frankreich. Dort will er auf einem Schiff anheuern, dass ihn zurück nach Amerika bringt. An Bord der "Yorikke" findet er Arbeit, aber schon bald muss er erkennen, auf was für einem Seelenverkäufer er sich befindet: Die "Yorikke" ist ein "Totenschiff". Hochversichert, aber mit wertloser Fracht beladen, ist sie dazu bestimmt unterzugehen, damit der Reeder die Versicherungssumme kassieren kann. Es geht um Leben und Tod. Philip gibt nicht auf. Gemeinsam mit dem Heizer Lawski schmiedet er einen Plan.

 CAESAR (1970)


 The growing ambition of Julius Caesar is a source of major concern to his close friend Brutus. Cassius persuades him to participate in his plot to assassinate Caesar, but they have both sorely underestimated Mark Antony.







 SIGNORA DI TUTTI ( Everybody's Woman) (1934) * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *


Gabriella Murge, alias Gaby Doriot (Miranda), is a famous film star and fascinating adventuress with whom men cannot help falling in love. Having brought several of them to their ruin, she slits her wrists . The movie opens with Gaby having attempted suicide. In the hospital, the anesthetic gas she is given induces the flashbacks which make up the entire movie. First, a young Gaby is expelled from her school when her music teacher falls in love with her, and then flees abroad, leaving his family. Later, after being confined to her home, she is invited to a party by Roberto Nanni, the son of the wealthy Leonardo Nanni, a businessman. At the party, they dance and Roberto falls in love with her. Their encounter is interrupted by Roberto's ill mother Alma, who is fearful of Gaby's reputation, but who eventually loves her as well. Gaby goes to their house to take care of Alma, and while Roberto goes on a trip to Rome, Leonardo falls in love with Gaby. One night, Leonardo invites Gaby to a private talk in the garden, and meanwhile, Alma, having put on music to go to bed, calls out for Gaby. Not hearing a response, Alma becomes frantic, and in desperation, falls down the stairs in her wheelchair, killing herself. After Alma's death, Leonardo and Gaby go on a seemingly endless trip across Europe, despite the calls of Leonardo's business associates to return, and when they finally return, Gaby is haunted by the memory of the house and goes crazy. Gaby leaves Leonardo, telling him he should be with his wife, even if she is dead, and soon after, Leonardo is charged with embezzlement and sentenced to 4 years in prison. Meanwhile, Gaby becomes a huge movie star. When released from prison, Leonardo wanders around the foyer of the theater, looking at all the images of Gaby, until being expelled for being improperly dressed for the occasion (not in evening attire). Outside, he's run over by a car. To avoid a scandal, Gaby's managers and entourage call in Roberto to exonerate her, and Gaby realizes that she's loved Roberto all along. Gaby then finds out the Roberto married her sister Anna, after meeting at the auction of his father's house. Gaby commits suicide, leaving a note detailing her loneliness that persisted through her stardom. At the end of the film, the anesthetic mask is removed, the doctors confirm her death, and the printing presses stop printing the poster for her film.





MEN BEHIND THE SUN (1988) * with switchable English subtitles *

PLEASE NOTE:  There are very graphic scenes of both animal cruelty and violence against defenseless people in this film. Please consider this when ordering/watching this film!


Men Behind the Sun is a 1988 Hong Kong historical horror film. The film is a graphic depiction of the war atrocities committed by the Japanese at Unit 731, the secret biological weapons experimentation unit of the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. The film details the various cruel medical experiments Unit 731 inflicted upon Chinese and Soviet prisoners. The film opens with the passage "Friendship is friendship; history is history."

A group of Japanese boys are conscripted into the Youth Corps. They are assigned to the Kwantung Army, and are brought to one of the facilities serving Unit 731, which is headed by Shiro Ishii. Soon, they are introduced to the experiments going on at the facility, for which they feel revulsion. The purpose of the experiments is to find a highly contagious strain of bubonic plague, to be used as a last-ditch weapon against the Chinese population. Meanwhile, the young soldiers befriend a local, mute Chinese boy with whom they play games. One day, the commanding officers ask the boys to bring the Chinese child to the facility. Naively, they follow orders believing that no real harm will come to the boy; however, the senior medical staff places the boy in surgery for the purpose of harvesting his organs for research. When the young soldiers realize what has happened, they stage a minor uprising by ganging up and physically beating their commanding officer. As the war goes on, the situation becomes increasingly desperate for the Japanese, and therefore Unit 731. In one of their last experiments, they tie a number of Chinese prisoners to crosses, intending them to be used as targets for a prototype ceramic bomb containing infectious fleas; however, they are not able to contact their airfield due to a retreat. The Chinese prisoners break free from the crosses, and attempt to escape. However, Japanese troops hunt them down, and nearly all of them are run over or shot, including several Japanese. Returning to the facility after the aborted experiment, Unit 731 runs out of time and is are forced to destroy their research and all other evidence of the atrocities happening there. Dr. Ishii initially orders his subordinates and their families to commit suicide, but is persuaded instead to evacuate them and only commit suicide if captured. However, he makes it clear that secrecy is to be maintained, with dire consequences if not. The Japanese troops gather at a train station to be transported out of China. One of the Chinese prisoners, having disguised himself and escaped with a group of soldiers, is discovered by an officer. During a short scuffle in which he kills the officer before being killed himself, his blood stains the Japanese flag, to the horror of the Youth Corps. The train leaves the station. The closing passages reveal that Dr. Ishii cooperates with the Americans, giving them his research and agreeing to work for them. Years later, he is moved to the Korean front, and biological weapons appear on the battlefield shortly thereafter. The Youth Corps involved with 731 are revealed to have led hard lives after the war, but kept the vow that none of the atrocities they witnessed would be revealed to or discussed with the public.
 PERE ET FILS (1943) * with switchable English subtitles *


This is the story of a French family, the Froments, who, over four generations, experienced three wars against the Boche.  The patriarch of the family, who gave his life in the struggle against the Prussians in 1871, had three children:  one continued to carry out his patriotic legacy; another was an empire builder; and the third child, a girl, devoted herself to the welfare of others.  But not all of them are heroes.

The remastered version of this film seems to have found an additional (and really unnecessary) 36 minutes; but unless you're a die-hard Julien Duvivier fan, this 77 minute version (as originally shown) will be just fine.


L'histoire d'une famille française, les Froment, à travers quatre générations et au cours d'une période secouée par trois guerres contre l'Allemagne. Des trois enfants d'un homme qui en 1871 donna sa vie pour son pays, l'un a continué la lignée des patriotes, l'autre a été un bâtisseur d'empire, la fille s'est consacrée au bien. Pourtant tous ne sont pas des héros.





THE UNFORTUNATE BRIDE (1932) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *


This film within a film involves a grandfather telling his grandchildren a cautionary tale about a Jewish dissident-writer, who leaves his wife in Russia and heads for America to learn English and begin a new life as a journalist.  When he learns from a friend that his wife back in Russia has died, he takes up with the daughter of a cantor.  It isn't long before he discovers the "value" system among American Jews, when the woman's parents reject him, because he's poor.  The story gets a bit more complicated, however, when Wife No. 1 shows up and the cantor's daughter defies her parents by taking control of her own decisions.





 ZOUGA TALATTASHAR (1962) * with switchable English and French subtitles *


Also known as Wife No. 13, this is the story of a man and woman, Murad and Aida, who meet, fall in love and get married. Everything's going swll for love-struck Aida ... that is, until she discovers she's Wife Number 13. Soon afterwards, she gets a call from a mysterious woman, who later meets Aida and is told that Murad is a womanizer of the worst kind. As a result, she joins forces with his ex-wives to hatch a plot to force him to renounce his womanizing ways. Murad is slowly deprived of sex and sleep and is slowly being driven over the edge. Will Aida succeed in her plan to redeem Murad or will she end up just another notch on Murad's bedpost? (Obviously, there's no such thing as alimony where Murad lives).










THE HOUSE UNDER THE ROCKS (1958) * with switchable English subtitles *


Having returned home from the Eastern Front, a soldier and his new wife move into the home of the sister of his first wife, now deceased. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long before his wife starts making trouble for the young couple who took them in, leaving the soldier with a difficult choice.









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