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Hans Holt Alexander 'Xandl' Marhold Margit Saad Beate, seine Frau Peter Weck Robert 'Bobby' - sein Sohn aus 2. Ehe Susi Nicoletti Milli Peer Schmidt Alexander - sein Sohn aus 1. Ehe Josef Meinrad Ferdinand Windberger - Legationsrat Edith Elmay Heidi

Successful Austrian pop composer Alexander Marhold is turning fifty and is about to get engaged to his young secretary, Heidi, although he is still married to his third wife, Beate. Without his knowledge, the Austrian Foreign Ministry invited his two sons from his first and second marriage to Vienna. His first wife married an influential Russian politician, and his second wife an American millionaire. The government now wants to use this combination for economic policy purposes. Marhold is not enthusiastic about it, but it bothers him even more that his two grown sons, as different as they are, fall in love with his attractive wife Beate.

Der Komponist Alexander Marhold soll zu seinem 50. Geburtstag offiziell geehrt werden. Dazu kommen auch seine beiden erwachsenen Söhne Bobby und Alexander aus zwei früheren Ehen angereist: der eine aus Russland, der andere aus Amerika. Als die sehr gegensätzlichen jungen Männer Marholds aparter Frau Beate intensiv den Hof machen, sieht der reife Charmeur seine Angetraute in ganz neuem Licht.

DVD-R is in German with no subtitles. Approx. 89 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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