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Carl Theodor Dreyer, Svend Rindom Johannes Meyer ... Viktor Frandsen - Finmekaniker Astrid Holm Astrid Holm ... Ida - Hans Hystru Karin Nellemose Karin Nellemose ... Karen - Deres Datter Mathilde Nielsen Mathilde Nielsen ... Mads - Frandsens tidligere barnepige Petrine Sonne Petrine Sonne ... Vaskekone Clara Schønfeld Clara Schønfeld ... Fra Kryger - Idas Mor Johannes Nielsen Johannes Nielsen ... Læge Aage Hoffman Aage Hoffman ... Frederik - Din Søn Viggo Lindstrøm Viggo Lindstrøm Vilhelm Petersen Vilhelm Petersen Byril Harvig Byril Harvig ... Barnet Aage Schmidt Aage Schmidt Frk. Voss-Christensen Frk. Voss-Christensen ... Pige Gos Læen Georg Busch Georg Busch Frank Henriksen Frank Henriksen

Victor Frandsen is a domestic tyrant. His wife, Ida, has to work as a slave for him and the rest of the family. She rises early to prepare everything for the day, she toils all day long, and she is often up also in the night, doing some sewing to earn extra money for the household. In the daytime, she is helped by an old woman named Mads, who was Victor's nanny when he was a child. Mads is filled with loathing for Victor's behavior towards his wife, and calls him a brute. She understands that Ida is on the verge of a serious breakdown, and persuades Ida's mother to take Ida away. Mads will take care of the household and the children for a time. When Victor comes home and finds out that Ida is gone, he gets angry. He asks his daughter, Karen, where her mother is, but she refuses to tell him. She only says that her mother is very ill, and that it will be his fault if she dies. The accusation strikes Victor in his heart, and he sits down, feeling dejected.

DVD-R has English intertitles with no subtitles. Approx. 107 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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