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LA ESCONDIDA (The Hidden One) (Viva Revolution) (1956) * with switchable English subtitles *

Directed by Roberto Gavaldón Written by Roberto Gavaldón Gunther Gerzso Miguel N. Lira José Revueltas Produced by Samuel Alazraki María Félix - Gabriela Pedro Armendáriz - Felipe Rojano Andrés Soler - General Nemesio Garza Arturo Martínez - Don Cosme Domingo Soler - Tata Agustino Rojano Jorge Martínez de Hoyos - Máximo Tepal Carlos Agostí - Octavio Montero Sara Guasch - Hortensia Miguel Manzano - Don Chente Carlos Riquelme - Doctor Herrerías Eduardo Alcaraz - Señor Ariza Rafael Alcayde - Ranch Master (as Rafael Alcaide) Alfredo Wally Barrón - Don Ventura (uncredited) Lupe Carriles - Woman in mourning (uncredited) Arturo Castro - Train conductor (uncredited) José Chávez - Train employee (uncredited) Alicia del Lago - Woman who throws stone at Gabriela (uncredited) Manuel Dondé - One-Eyed Man (uncredited) Lidia Franco - Gossipy woman in window (uncredited) Emilio Garibay - Capitain (uncredited) Elodia Hernández - Gossipy woman in window (uncredited) Héctor Mateos - Court of Justice Chief (uncredited) Raúl Meraz - Capitain Romero (uncredited) Inés Murillo - Maid of Doctor (uncredited) Manuel Sánchez Navarro - Deputy (uncredited) Cuco Sánchez - Singer (uncredited) Hernán Vera - Sales Collector (uncredited) Nora Veryán - Woman who sells mead to Gabriela (uncredited)

The story revolves around a rural couple, Gabriela and Felipe, madly in love, but oppressed by poverty and the injustices of a society, in which the local landowner has complete power over them. She makes a living selling water to passing trains and makes full use of her extraordinary beauty in doing so. The local women resent her for this to the point of stoning her. He’s a revolutionary, waiting for the right moment to take up arms. She’s burning with love for him and wants to get married right away, because she’s superstitious something will happen to separate them and fears once they’re separated they’ll lose each other. He and his father finally agree to the marriage – she’ll move in with the family and they’ll somehow manage feeding one extra person — when he’s sent on a mission. She steals some money from the company shop to go with him. She’s not seen, but the shop manager wants sex with her, in exchange for his silence, as she’s the only one who could have done it. 

DVD-R is in Spanish with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 113 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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