Artikelnummer 2027

KLEINE MUTTI (1935) * with hard-encoded Hungarian subtitles *

Henry Koster, Franciska Gaal, Bandi and Friedrich Benfer

Franziska Gaal, the star of the movie plays a schoolgirl who runs into nothing but trouble when she finds an abandoned baby on the steps of an orphanage. Almost immediately, Gaal is presumed to be the mother of the child, which earns her instant dismissal from her school. Penniless, she takes a room in a fancy hotel, intending to beat the bill at the end of the week, giving her enough time to find a proper home for the baby. The hotel doctor, assuming Gaal is rich, chastises the girl for her "selfishness" in failing to care for the infant herself and forces her to leave with the kid in tow. Forced to take a job selling vacuum cleaners, our heroine runs into more problems at the home of a rich banker, who huffily assumes that she is his son's mistress and on it goes …

THERE IS A NEWSREEL ALONG WITH THE FILM, JUST AS GERMAN AUDIENCES MIGHT HAVE SEEN WHEN THE MOVIE WAS FIRST SHOWN (except this newsreel may not be contemporary to when the film was released).


QUALITY (of feature film only):  unsharp, but watchable picture. LENGTH OF FEATURE FILM:  90 mins. LENGTH OF NEWSREEL:  44 mins