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Wolfgang Becker Writers: Jochen Huth, Barbara Noack (novel) Stars: Paul Hubschmid, Susanne Cramer, Hannelore Schroth

Young and attractive art historian Robert Florian works as a tour guide. During a bus tour of Italy, he gets to know the pretty and open-minded (translation: "self-absorbed") model Ilse Knopf. It doesn't take long before hormones do their job and the two are drawn to one another. But unlike Robert, who's single, Ilse has a fiancee. Rather than tell the disloyal hussy to hit the bricks, the fiancee stupidly chases her --- and the tour group --- through half of Italy, consumed by idiotic displays of jealousy. When the tour group arrives in Florence, the three protagonists of the film finally meet and it takes Ilse all the way to Rome to decide she's done with boy-toy Robert. Instead, she's going to stay engaged to the idiot, who'll no doubt end up losing half of everything he owns after a future "trip to Spain" and a rather messy divorce. On the bright side, he will have several photo albums filled with lots of blurry pictures of Europe flashing by as he chases the skirt.

Der junge und attraktive Kunsthistoriker Robert Florian arbeitet als Reiseleiter. Auf einer Bustour durch Italien lernt er das hübsche und aufgeschlossene Fotomodell Ilse Knopf kennen. Schnell fühlen sich beide zueinander hingezogen. Anders als Robert, der ledig ist, hat Ilse einen Verlobten, der schon bald von Eifersucht getrieben die Reisegruppe durch die pittoresken Städte Italiens verfolgt. Nachdem die Kontrahenten in Florenz aufeinander getroffen sind, fällt Ilse in Rom schließlich die Entscheidung die Beziehung mit ihrem Verlobten fortzusetzen.

DVD-R is in German with no subtitles.  Approx. 92 mins.  See video sample for picture and audio quality!

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