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INTOHIMON VALLASSA (Passionate Power) (1947) * with switchable English and Finnish subtitles *

Regina Linnanheimo as Aino Kullervo Kalske as Olavi Eric Gustafson Eric Gustafson as Paavo Iso-Ylitalo Aku Peltonen Aku Peltonen as Hunchback Elli Ylimaa as Anderssonska Oscar Tengström as Ylitalo Kaija Suonio as Ylitalo's wife Lauri Korpela as Blacksmith Ruth Luoma-Aho as Laila Matti Oravisto Matti Oravisto as Niilo Matti Aulos as Minister(uncredited) Helvi Järveläinen as Woman at the barn dance(uncredited) Eero Leväluoma as Kymppi(uncredited) Veikko Linna as Paavo's father(uncredited) Sven Relander as Restaurateur(uncredited) F.E. Sillanpää as Man at the barn dance(uncredited) Senja Soitso as Maid(uncredited) Olga Tainio as Paavo's mother(uncredited)


Turbulent, then tragic, marital relationship resulting in wife getting the upper hand from oppressive husband on a farmstead.

DVD-R is in Finnish with switchable English and Finnish subtitles. Approx. 93 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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