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HOLIDAY FOR HENRIETTA (La Fete a Henriette) (1952) * with switchable English subtitles *

Hildegard Knef Rita Solar Dany Robin Henriette Michel Auclair Maurice Micheline Francey Nicole Louis Seigner script writer Michel Roux Robert Daniel Ivernel detective

After the rejection of their latest preposterous scenario, two scriptwriters get back to basics to prepare a new movie. The new scenario centers on Henriette, a pretty, lively Parisian, and how she spends the 14th of July in Paris with her fiancée. We follow the tribulations of Henriette as various other characters enter the story and turn a traditional festive day into something more adventurous than expected.

DVD-R is in French with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 108 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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