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Max Neufeld Writers: Richard Arvay (book), Jane Bess (book), and 1 more credit » Stars: Jakob Tiedtke, Lien Deyers and Johannes Riemann

Schneidermeister Titus Hasenklein aus Krebsbüttel besucht seine Tochter, die in der Landeshauptstadt wohnt. Aus Versehen gerät er in eine Parteiveranstaltung und macht unverhofft politische Karriere. Der Parteisekretär Harry Greif unterstützt ihn dabei, da er seinem adligen Freund, dem Rennfahrer Alex von Schendell, helfen will, der Hasenkleins Tochter Trude liebt, dessen Eltern wegen des Standesunterschieds aber die Zustimmung zur Heirat verweigern. Als Hasenklein sogar zum Landtagspräsidenten aufsteigt, wird Trude automatisch eine viel bessere Partie. Aber als Hasenklein seine Tochter mit einem Diplomaten verheiraten will, endet Greifs Kooperation. 

The master tailor Titus Hasenklein from Krebsbuttel pays his daughter a visit, who lives in the state capital.  He accidentally ends up at a party event and ends up in an unexpected political career.  The party secretary Harry Greif supports him in this venture, because he wants to help his noble friend – Alex von Schendell – to win Hasenklein’s daughter for marriage.  Trude, the daughter, and the noble are indeed in love with one another, but the nobleman’s parents have refused to agree to the union, because of class differences.  But when Hasenklein becomes the state president, Trude automatically becomes a better candidate.  Unfortunately, Hasenklein wants to see his daughter marry a diplomat and there ends Greif’s cooperation.

THERE IS A NEWSREEL ALONG WITH THE FILM, JUST AS GERMAN AUDIENCES MIGHT HAVE SEEN WHEN THE MOVIE WAS FIRST SHOWN (except this newsreel may not be contemporary to when the film was released).

DVD-R IS IN GERMAN WITH NO SUBTITLES (except for the Newsreel).

QUALITY (of feature film only): 


·        Sharpness of picture?  - good quality, though there is softness, washouts and unsharp edges

·        Other notable issues?  - there is "flashing" in and out of the film's "shade of color" and the sound reminds one of sitting in a movie theatre (tinny and distant).  The film is sometimes "unsteady", as if someone was filming it off a screen






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