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Ralph Meeker as Sergeant William Long Viveca Lindfors as Franziska Idinger Yossi Yadin as Sergeant Vassili Voroshenko (as Yoseph Yodin) Michael Medwin as Sergeant Harry Stuart Albert Dinan as Sergeant Marcel Pasture Paulette Dubost as Germaine Pasture Harry Hess as Captain R. Hammon Eduard Loibner as Hackl, the apartment manager Hans Putz as Karl Idinger Geraldine Katt as Steffi, Harry's girl

In post-war Vienna, occupied by the Allies, four sergeants representing each of the occupying nations (USA, England, France, Soviet Union) patrol in the same Jeep. One day, they are given the mission to capture a man who has run away from a Soviet POW camp. But when they learn the truth about Karl, the runaway, and Franziska, his wife, they decide to help him instead. The Soviet sergeant in the group, however, is held on a short leash by his superiors. He has strict orders not to let the fugitive slip away and he comes into conflict with his fellow military policemen. In these conditions, will Karl and Franziska be reunited and live free again?

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 98 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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