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FANNY HAWTHORNE (Hindle Wakes) (1927)

Maurice Elvey Writers: Stanley Houghton (play), Victor Saville Estelle Brody ... Fanny Hawthorn John Stuart John Stuart ... Allan Jeffcote Norman McKinnel Norman McKinnel ... Nathaniel Jeffcote Marie Ault Marie Ault ... Mrs. Hawthorn Humberston Wright Humberston Wright ... Chris Hawthorne (as Humberstone Wright) Gladys Jennings Gladys Jennings ... Beatrice Farrar Irene Rooke Irene Rooke ... Mrs. Jeffcote Peggy Carlisle Peggy Carlisle ... Mary Hollins Arthur Chesney Arthur Chesney ... Sir Timothy Farrar John Rowal John Rowal ... George Ramsbottom Alf Goddard Alf Goddard ... Nobby Cyril McLaglen Cyril McLaglen ... Alf (as Cyril Maclaglen) Graham Soutten Graham Soutten ... Edward Hollins (as B. Graham Soutten)

In the Lancashire mill town of Hindle, preparations are being made for the annual Summer holiday. Fanny Hawthorn is seen packing her suitcase in preparation for her trip to Blackpool with her friend Mary Hollins. Meanwhile, Allan Jeffcote, son of the owner of the mill in which Fanny works, has had his own holiday plans disrupted due to his fiancée having to cancel their arrangements at the last minute. After a final day's work, the factory siren blares and Fanny and Mary board the train to Blackpool, while Allan and a friend decide to travel there by car. In the bustle and throng of Blackpool in peak season, Fanny and Mary meet up with Allan and his friend and enjoy the excitement of the resort as a foursome. Allan and Fanny are attracted to each other, and Allan persuades Fanny to leave Blackpool and instead accompany him for a stay in the more upmarket resort of Llandudno in North Wales. Knowing what this entails, Fanny agrees and writes a postcard to her parents, which Mary promises to post from Blackpool later in the week. Soon after, Mary is tragically killed in a boating accident. When Fanny's father hears the news he travels to Blackpool, only to find Fanny not there, and the unmailed postcard in Mary's luggage. At the end of the week, Fanny and Allan return separately to Hindle, where Fanny, previously unaware of Mary's death and shocked by the news, is interrogated by her parents and reveals that she spent the week with Allan in Llandudno. In indignation, the Hawthorns go to the Jeffcote home and confront Allan's parents with his caddish behavior. To their surprise, they find Allan's father equally appalled by the situation. Mr. Jeffcote determines that Allan must marry Fanny to prevent a scandal. 

DVD-R has English intertitles with no subtitles. Approx. 115 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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