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Gustav Ucicky Writers: Stephan Kamare (comedy of the same name), Gerhard Menzel | 1 more credit » Stars: Viktor de Kowa, Käthe von Nagy, Christl Mardayn

Winemaker Elisabeth has lost her husband and now, she's saddled with a load of debt.  For that reason, her administrator wants to invite wealthy Richard to Langenlois for a set-up.  Being "rich", however, doesn't necessarily mean being "stupid"; so Richard sends the poor teacher Joerg in his place.  But before the you-know-what can hit the fan, stupid Cupid draws his bow and a match made in Heaven becomes reality (I'm sure the bank holding the mortgage is thrilled). Members of the Donald Trump Billionaires' Club give this movie a big thumbs down.  (Then again, fans of the Black Lives Matter movement may not appreciate the Ersatz negro child in the film, played by a very white kid with a very black, shoepolished face).

Winzerin Elisabeth hat ihren Mann verloren und sitzt auf einem Schuldenberg. Deshalb will ihr Verwalter den reichen Richard nach Langenlois locken. Der aber schickt den armen Lehrer Jörg. Ehe die Sache auffliegt, hat Amors Pfeil Elisabeth und Jörg längst getroffen.

DVD-R is in German with no subtitles.  Approx.  89 mins.  See film sample for quality!

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