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3 film DVD covers subjects related to the end of the war against Nazi Germany.


The Smashing of the Reich is an 83 minute film detailing the events which led to the downfall of the Reich in the West during 1944-45;


The Battle of San Pietro is s a 32-minute, 1945 documentary film directed by John Huston about the Battle of San Pietro Infine during World War II.  The film is unflinching in its realism and was held up from being shown to the public by the United States Army.  Huston quickly became unpopular with the Army, not only for the film but also for his response to the accusation that the film was anti-war.  Huston responded that if he ever made a pro-war film, he should be shot.  General George Marshall came to the film's defense, stating that because of the film's gritty realism, it would make a goodtraining film; subsequently the film was used for that purpose.  Huston was no longer considered a pariah; he was decorated and made an honorary major;


Nazi Concentration Camps is a 1945 produced film, as well.  It was put together by the US Army and it consists of one hour of graphic visual revelations about the liberated concentration camps, as they were found by the western Allies as they marched across a defeated Germany.

175 minutes long.  Quality of the frist two films is overall very good; the last film suffers from some flickering and softness, but this is mainly due to the original film, not its reproduction.

Region Free  (can play in any DVD player). DVD-R IS IN ENGLISH

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