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Jacques Becker Writers: Cesare Zavattini (story), Jacques Becker (screenplay), 3 more credits ยป Stars: Fernandel, Samia Gamal, Dieter Borsche

Cassim -- a rich, oriental lord -- sends his cheeky servant Ali Baba to buy a voluptuous female slave.  Instead, he brings back the dancer Morgiane, whom he has the hots for.  While traveling in a caravan robbed by Abdel's forty thieves, Ali hides among the camels and learns the secret of the Sesame Cave.  Using the stolen loot, he buys Morgiane for himself, as well as a house for him and his beggar friends.  Cassim, however, gets him drunk and finds out where he got all his gold from.  Then he plans to rob him at the wedding for him and Morgiane.  Abdel, however, observes them both ... and he plans to invite his forty robbers to the wedding, too. 

DVD-R is in dubbed German with no subtitles.  Approx. 89 mins.  Some heavy pixellization, softness and sound distortion  (high-pitched feedback, see sample)

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