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WORKERS, LET'S GO (Hej rup) (1934) * with switchable English and Czech subtitles *

Directed by Martin Frič Written by Václav Wasserman Jan Werich Jiří Voskovec Martin Frič Jiří Voskovec as Filip Kornet, Shuffer Jan Werich as Jakub Simonides Helena Bušová as Marta Josef Skřivan as Worst, president at cannery Theodor Pištěk as Brown, director concern of Simonides Zvonimir Rogoz as Director factory of Simonides Alois Dvorský as House-keeper Václav Trégl as Shuffer Frantisek Černý as Shuffer Miroslav Svoboda as Shuffer Jan W. Speerger as Shuffer Jan Richter as Shuffer František Filipovský as Shuffer Bohuš Záhorský as Shuffer


A Milk-Cannery baron, Jakub Simonides, is broken by the Canned Milk-Trust and, in his wanderings with a worker, Filip Kornet, he discovers he still owns a half-finished apartment-house. They rally the workers and complete the building for use as a collectivist dairy. 

DVD-R is in Czech with switchable English and Czech subtitles. Approx. 99 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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