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DIVA BARA (Wild Barbara) (1948) * with switchable English subtitles *

Vlasta Fialová ... Divá Bára Jana Dítetová Jana Dítetová ... Eliska Marie Brozová Marie Brozová ... Pepinka Robert Vrchota Robert Vrchota ... Ranger Jaroslav Vojta Jaroslav Vojta ... Priest Gustav Hilmar Gustav Hilmar ... Reeve Jan Pivec Jan Pivec ... Sláma Josef Kemr Josef Kemr ... Josífek Marie Rydlova Marie Rydlova ... Vlcková Antonin Rydl Antonin Rydl ... Jakub Josef Marsálek Josef Marsálek ... Vojta Josef Vosalík Josef Vosalík ... Vlcek Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Marie Blazková Marie Blazková ... Ranger's mother Miroslav Grác Miroslav Grác Anna Kaderábková Anna Kaderábková ... Marjanka

Božena Němcová's story served as a model for this romantic story about a courageous, self-made girl, despised as a shepherd's daughter, who's afraid of nothing. But superstitious villagers tell all sorts of strange things about her, even seeking connections between the girl and hellish powers. Bold and courageous, Bára almost pay for the stupid prejudices of her neighbors. She brings the whole village to a boil with her antics. 

DVD-R is in Czech with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 72 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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Diva Delightful, 16.05.2020 12:03
Von: dougiezerts
This is a rarely-seen Czech movie from 1948.  It's about a wild village girl who gets into trouble with the other villagers.  She goes barefooted a lot.  She skinny dips in a lake, causing the local boys to get hot and bothered.  She's even rumored to be a witch!  But she does have a couple friends.  One is another girl of the village who is her best girlfriend.  Another is the son of a woman she treats; they eventually become lovers.
Things come to a boil when a trick she plays to help her girlfriend avoid an arranged marriage backfires, and the villagers try to kill her.  But it has a happy ending.
This reminds me, a bit, of Green Mansions with Audrey Hepburn which, of course, was made several years afterwards.
All and all, a wonderful film which I highly recommend!
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