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THE STRANGE WORLD OF COFFIN JOE (1968) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Luiz Sérgio Person ... (segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas") (as L. S. Person) Vany Miller Vany Miller ... (segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas") Mário Lima Mário Lima ... (segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas") Verônica Krimann Verônica Krimann ... (segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas") Rosalvo Caçador Rosalvo Caçador ... (segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas") Paula Ramos Paula Ramos ... (segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas") Tony Cardi Tony Cardi ... (segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas") Esmeralda Ruchel Esmeralda Ruchel ... (segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas") Messias de Melo Messias de Melo ... (segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas") Leila de Oliveira Leila de Oliveira ... (segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas") Jeff Ribeiro Jeff Ribeiro ... (segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas") Abigail de Barros Abigail de Barros ... (segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas") Carlos Campos Carlos Campos ... (segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas") Nelita Aparecida Nelita Aparecida ... (segment "Ideologia") Antônio Ravagnoli Antônio Ravagnoli ... (segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas") (as Antonio F. Ravagnolli) Marlene Alves Marlene Alves ... (segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas") Ademar Silva Ademar Silva ... (segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas") (as Ademir Silva) George Michel Serkeis George Michel Serkeis ... (segment "Tara")

A collection of three creepy and bizarre horror tales. "O Fabricante de Bonecas" ("The Dollmaker"): In Pirituba, Master Bastos is a respectable doll maker that lives with his four daughters in a remote area manufacturing dolls with impressive eyes. When four criminals break in his house to rob his money and rape his daughters, they learn why the doll's eyes are so realistic. "Tara" ("Perversion"): A poor balloon seller has a crush on a young woman and stalks her. On her wedding day, the woman is stabbed in front of the church by another woman and dies. After her funeral, the man breaks in her crypt and spends the night with her to satisfy his obsession. "Ideologia" ("Ideology"): After a debate on a TV show with the journalist Alfredo about the nonexistence of love, Professor Oaxiac Odez invites Alfredo and his wife Wilma to visit him. Professor Odez offers to prove to Alfredo that the instinct prevails over reason, and brings the couple to the dungeon of his house. They witness the results of the sinister experiment of Professor Odez with people that did not believe on his theory and after a period subjected to subhuman conditions, have become monstrous animals. Now Alfredo and Wilma are imprisoned and submitted to starvation and all sort of psychological torture to prove that the love is dead.

DVD-R is in Portuguese with hard-encoded English subtitles. Approx. 81 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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