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THE OTHER ( Al Aakhar) (1999) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Hanan Turk Hanan Turk ... Hanane Hani Salama Hani Salama ... Adam Nabila Ebeid Nabila Ebeid ... Margaret Mahmoud Hemida Mahmoud Hemida ... Khalil Lebleba Lebleba ... Baheyya (as Lébléba) Hassan Abdel Hamid Hassan Abdel Hamid ... Dr. Maher Ezzat Abu Ouf Ezzat Abu Ouf ... Dr. Essam (as Ezzat Abou Aouf) Ahmed Fouad Selim Ahmed Fouad Selim ... Ahmed Amr Saad Amr Saad ... Omar Ahmad Wafiq Ahmad Wafiq ... Fathallab (as Ahmed Wafik) Edward Said Edward Said ... Self Hamdine Sabahi Hamdine Sabahi ... Chief editor Tamer Samir Tamer Samir ... Morcy

The links between power and fanaticism in Egypt are explored in this film, which also denounces intolerance, and where the unconditional drive for money rules. Adam, the son of a rich businessman and his American wife meets Hanane, a journalist of modest means at the airport on his return from his studies in the US. She is part of a campaign against the wealthy elite, which has thrived on plundering its own people. They fall in love and get married. Corruption is everywhere in the country and American interests are taking over the lucrative tourist trade. Adam's rich parents and their friends in the government are at the heart of this corrupt system. Adam's mother, Margaret, nourishes a strange affection for her son. She is possessive to the point of violence and is ready to get rid of Hanane, whom she considers her rival. Adam turns against the global economy of which his parents are the perfect examples as he sees through the greed of international speculators and the secret ties that bind them to fanatical fundamentalist sects. The fact that Hanane's brother has become an Islamist terrorist does not help matters. 

DVD-R is in Arabic with hard-encoded English subtitles. Approx. 105 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!




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