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https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015022-the-witness-a-tanu-1969-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgTHE WITNESS  (1969)  * with switchable English subtitles *


A single father, who was involved with the Hungarian Communists during the Second World War meets an old friend from the formerly illegal party, Zoltán Dániel, who is now a government official under the communist regime. Dániel falls in the river and Pelikán rescues him and invites him to his home. While the two reminisce about old times at Pelikán's home, the secret police suddenly appears. They received a "serious anonymous report" stating Pelikán committed the illegal act of slaughtering a pig for food. Dániel tries to save him by demonstrating to the thugs how the loyal Pelikán hid him during the persecution of Communists years before, but he unknowingly reveals the basement, where all the pork had been hidden. 






RISE AGAINST THE SWORD  (1966)  * with switchable English and French subtitles *


Farmer Abare Goemon is confronted by brigand-like samurai. He raises an army of farmers to fight them and does so brilliantly. When Lord Asakura sees the success Goemon has achieved, he attempts to recruit him to fight in a conflict between Asakura and another clan. Goemon refuses, and Lord Asakura sets out to destroy him.












Coffee-table photobook, comes on a DVD to read on your computer. Book comes in three formats:


1) As a WORD document;

2) As a PDF file;

3) In a flip book, the program for which is included.


This volume consists of 1,131 pages, with 240 historical and 798 new photos (taken in the years 2019 - 2021). The photobook has been designed with the intent to show and inform the reader how Jewish heritage sights (and sites) in this part of Ukraine look like and what they can expect to see. Also provided are historical photos of interest, which show what Jewish life was like before the horrors of the Holocaust changed everything forever. Other sights of interest, which are not connected to Jewish history are also included. While not developed as a travel guide, those interested in visiting Ukraine will find this an invaluable resource, whether they're on a heritage tour or just want to sit at home and enjoy this glimpse into history. Especially valuable now that events in Ukraine might even result in the "new" photos becoming "obsolete". The table of contents below and the portion of the book's introduction will tell you what is covered in the E-book.



INTRODUCTION; What is Podolia?; Bershad; Bolhan; Brailiv; Bratslav; Chechelnyk; Chernivtsi; Derazhnya; Haisyn; Kamyanets-Podilskyi; Khmelnytskyi; Komarhorod; Kupyn; Letychiv; Medzhybizh; Mohyliv-Podilskyi; Nemyriv; Nova Ushytsya; Ozaryntsi; Pechera; Pishchanka; Sadove; Sataniv; Sharhorod; Shepetivka; Smotrych; Tulchyn; Vapnyarka; Verbovets; Vinnytsia; Vyshcheolchedaiv; Yampil; Zarichanka; Zhabokrych; Zhmerynka





MELODIES OF THE VERA QUARTER  (1973)  * with multiple switchable subtitles *


Pavle, who is a poor cart-driver, has two girls, Maro and Tamro. The girls have a dream to take classes at a ballet school, but Pavle cannot afford such a luxury. Vardo, a laundress, decides to help the little girls. For that purpose she steals cattle, firewood and a mink coat from a rich merchant's house. She warms up Pavle's house with the stolen firewood and pays the fee for the girls' ballet classes. Vardo, however, is found out and accused of larceny. All the laundresses in the neighborhood go on strike in Vardo's support. 






LILI MARLEEN  (1981)  * with switchable English subtitles *


The film takes place in the Third Reich and concerns the love between the German singer Willie Bunterberg and the Jewish-Swiss composer Robert Mendelsson, who as an active member of an underground group, is trying to help German Jews flee the Reich into Switzerland. When he offers Willie the opportunity to help him in his work, Robert's well-off and influential family fear the singer may be unreliable or even a Nazi herself. Either, of course, would risk their work with refugees. 


Der Film spielt zur Zeit des „Dritten Reichs“ und handelt von der Liebe zwischen der deutschen Sängerin Willie Bunterberg und dem jüdischen Schweizer Komponisten Robert Mendelsson, der aktiv als Mitglied einer Untergrundgruppe versucht, deutschen Juden bei der Flucht vor dem Nazi-Regime in die Schweiz zu helfen. Als er Willie anbietet, mit ihr zusammen Widerstand und Hilfe zu leisten, befürchtet Roberts wohlhabende und einflussreiche Familie, dass Willie unzuverlässig oder gar eine Nationalsozialistin sei und so ein Risiko für ihre Fluchthilfe darstellen könnte. 







Göran Stendahl has just graduated from high school and decides to spend the summer holidays with his Uncle Persson in the country. He wants to help him on the farm and with the harvest until his studies in the city start. Shortly after his arrival, he meets 17-year-old Kerstin. Both fall in love with each other. The budding love affair is observed suspiciously by those around them. Uncle Persson shows understanding for Göran and Kerstin, while the girl's parents and the local pastor rebel against the immorality of the young people. The pastor only believes in the bad in people and forbids, among other things, the school as a venue for youth festivals. 


Göran Stendahl hat gerade sein Abitur bestanden und beschließt, die Sommerferien bei seinem Onkel Persson auf dem Land zu verbringen. Er möchte ihm auf dem Bauernhof und bei der Ernte helfen, bis sein Studium in der Stadt beginnt. Schon kurz nach seiner Ankunft lernt er das 17-jährige Bauernmädchen Kerstin kennen. Beide verlieben sich ineinander. Von der Umwelt wird die aufkeimende Liebesbeziehung argwöhnisch beobachtet. Onkel Persson bringt Verständnis für Göran und Kerstin auf, während die Eltern des Mädchens und der örtliche Pfarrer gegen die Unmoral der Jugendlichen aufbegehren. Der Pfarrer glaubt nur an das Schlechte im Menschen und verbietet unter anderem die Schule als Veranstaltungsort für Jugendfeste.







In the 17th century, several French buccaneers take refuge in a village. One day, the Spanish under the command of Guzmán, attack the village and kill everybody, adults and children alike. Two brothers, wild kids, find the victims of the massacre on their return home, and vow revenge.










I ACCUSE  (1957)


In 1894 Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish captain in the French Army, is accused of treason. He is sentenced to life imprisonment on Devil's Island. Major Ferdinand Walsin-Esterhazy, an infantry officer of Hungarian descent, helps in the investigation. When he is found to be the real spy, the French Army tries to hide the truth by exonerating the traitor in a mock trial. Émile Zola, the famous French author, writes an open letter to the prime minister of France entitled I Accuse!, which reveals the truth behind the cover up. The letter is published in the newspaper, causing a firestorm around the world, leading to a re-examination of the Dreyfus case. 





THE TENDER ENEMY  (1936)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Line Dupont is forced to marry a man she doesn't love. Her mother, Annette, was married and knew a tamer, Rodrigo, who was her lover. The ghosts of both men remember and acknowledge that they were unhappy with their affair. Teaming up, they will try to snatch the young girl from her future life.










DAS SPINNENNETZ  (1989)  * with switchable English subtitles *


The film starts with the November revolution of 1918, when soldiers loyal to the Kaiser are supposed to suppress mutineering sailors. Lieutenant Theodor Lohse gives the soldiers the order to open fire; instead, he ends up being wounded by a sailor's bayonet. The 1918 revolution cannot be stopped. Then we move to Berlin in the Summer of 1923. With the end of the imperial empire, Theodor Lohse's military career is over and he starts studying the law. The money for his tuition he earns as a tutor for the son of the Jewish banker, Efrussi. In the banker's house, Theodor gets to know Baron von Rastchuk, who invites the former soldier to a yachting event. While there, Theodor gets to meet Prince Heinrich, the former commander of Theodor's military unit. Lohse is invited by the prince to come for a coffee at his home. Lohse hopes to use his new contact to move up in the world; the prince, on the other hand, intends to use Lohse to satisfy his sexual urges. The next morning, Lohse is recommended by the prince for membership in a rightwing organization. Lohse becomes a spy and uses opportunism and a lack of scruples to report on the activities of communist artists and anarchists. Posing as one of them, Theodor meets Benjamin Lenz, a Jew, who also is an informant for the police. He also sells information to the Communists and anarchists, too.  


Der Film beginnt mit der Novemberrevolution 1918, als in Kiel meuternde Marinesoldaten von kaisertreuen Soldaten aufgehalten werden sollen. Leutnant Theodor Lohse erteilt Schießbefehl; noch bevor es dazu kommt, wird Lohse von einem Bajonettstich verwundet. Die Revolution von 1918 ist nicht mehr aufzuhalten. Berlin, Sommer 1923: Nach dem Untergang des Deutschen Kaiserreichs musste Theodor Lohse seine Militärkarriere aufgeben und studiert Jura. Das dringend nötige Geld verdient er sich als Hauslehrer beim jüdischen Bankier Efrussi. Im Hause des Bankiers lernt er den Baron von Rastchuk kennen, der Lohse zu einer nationalen Veranstaltung mitnimmt. Bei dieser Bootstaufe am Wannsee ist auch Prinz Heinrich anwesend, ein früherer Kommandeur von Lohses Einheit. Lohse wird von Prinz Heinrich zu einem Herrenabend zu zweit eingeladen und verbringt, von diesem massiv sexuell bedrängt, aus Opportunismus die Nacht mit dem Prinzen und hofft am nächsten Morgen zur Reichswehr protegiert zu werden. Prinz Heinrich vermittelt ihn stattdessen zu einer rechtsextremen Geheimorganisation (vergleichbar Organisation Consul), deren Chef ebenfalls Baron Rastchuk ist. Lohse wird Spion für die Organisation, und mit beispiellosem, unerbittlichem Opportunismus und Skrupellosigkeit soll er eine kommunistische Künstler- und Anarchistengruppe um den Kunstmaler Klaften auskundschaften und zerschlagen. Teil dieser kommunistischen Gruppe ist auch Benjamin Lenz, ein Jude, der sowohl als Polizei-Informant arbeitet als auch mit Informationen an linke wie rechte Gruppierungen sein Geld verdient. 





DAY FOR MY LOVE  (1977)  * with switchable English subtitles *


A young married couple - photographer Marie and civil engineering student Petr - live in a cozy attic flat with their four-year-old daughter Maruska. Petr sometimes goes out for a beer with other students and one night brings a couple of them - hungry and loud - back home with him in early morning hours, much to Marie's annoyance. But the two young lovers have a strong and loving relationship and when Maruska suddenly falls ill they are very distressed.









FEU MATHIAS PASCAL  (The Living Dead Man)  (1925)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Mathias Pascal is a dreamy young intellectual. At the village festival, he declares his love for Romilda and marris her. Not long afterwards, he bores of married life and flees to Monte Carlo, where he takes up gambling. Once he's made his fortune, he returns back to his village, but he's been declared in his absence. So, he leaves for Rome where he invents a new life for himself. He then falls in love with Adrienne, the landlord's daughter, but his double-life soon ends up haunting him.











IL GENERALE DELLA ROVERE  (1959)  * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *


Genoa, 1944, during the time of the so-called Italian Socialist Republic: Emanuele Bardone is a swindler who pretends to be an engineer named Colonel Grimaldi. He's involved in petty transactions, loves gambling, and women. Early one morning, though, he is stopped by an actual German colonel, whose car tire's been punctured by nails placed by partisans on the road. Bardone tells the German about a nearby mechanic. They exchange some words about the times and the war and promise to meet again. Working with a German NCO in the Wehrmacht, Bardone is able to extort money from the families of political prisoners, boasting of contacts among high-ranking Germans and promising --- in exchange for money to be used as bribes --- to get their relatives released, or at least to get them minor sentences. This activity gets him the money he needs for gambling, for which his bad luck requires endless amounts. He even resorts to asking Valeria, a dancer he lives with, for loans or items to pawn; but even she doesn't trust him. Only Olga, a woman who very much loves him and whom he has duped with his usual promises, helps Bardone, turning over her savings to him.





LE CRIME DE MONSIEUR LANGE  (1936)  * with hard-encoded English subtitles *


Mr. Lange is a mild-mannered writer of Western stories for a publishing company. Batala, the salacious owner of the company, flees his creditors. When his train crashes, he takes the opportunity to fake his own death. The abandoned workers, with the help of an eccentric creditor, form a cooperative. They have great success with Lange's stories about the cowboy, Arizona Jim, whose stories parallel the real-life experiences of the cooperative. At the same time, Lange and his neighbor Valentine, an old flame of Batala's, fall in love. 










A realistic portrayal of day-to-day life of gay men in London at a time when the "gay liberation movement" only just started making social headway in the West. In the film, a gay man who teaches geography during the day and spends his nights going to gay bars. UItimately, his students corner him with pointed questions about his sexuality.






MOROMETII  (1987)  * with switchable English subtitles *


In the mid-1930, the Moromete family from a village in Romania leads a troubled existence. Although he had acquired land after the First World War and now has 14 acres, 24 sheep and a two-horse cart, Ilie Moromete, the head of the family, has problems paying the debts to the bank and the tax on the land. His family is large. There is some tension in the family caused by Ilie's sister, Maria. Faced with the prospect of losing his land for which he has worked so hard, Ilie agrees to send a son with the sheep to Bucharest on the condition that he sends him money with which to pay the debt to the bank. However, his boys agree among themselves that they'll run away to Bucharest with the two horses before the start of the harvest.











Julie Cavendish comes from a family of great Broadway actors. Her mother, Fanny, staunchly continues acting. Her boisterous brother, Tony, is fleeing a breach of promise suit in Hollywood. Her daughter, Gwen, must decide between going on stage or settling down in a conventional marriage. Julie is just thinking that it would be nice to retire and get married, when who should turn up but her old beau, Gilmore Marshal, the platinum magnate from South America.



The Stack family of New York City has fallen on difficult financial times. Pa Stack squandered the family's money by buying a home in Newhall, California, hoping there would be oil on the land. Taxes are now due on the California home which is scheduled to be sold to cover taxes. When breadwinner Mary Ellen Stack loses her job, the family decides to pay the taxes and live in their California home. They sell their furniture and use the money to buy a Tourist brand car, complete with rubber tires. Before they leave, Pa tells Bill James, a former boyfriend of Mary Ellen, that they are moving to California and Bill decides to follow them in his own car. When one of the family's car's tires goes flat, Bill catches up with the family and helps them. Along the way, the family picks up a handsome actor who is trying to come to California to further his career. The Tourist Motor Car Company wants to use the first Tourist brand car ever made in an ad campaign, and launches a search to find it, complete with a $10,000 reward. The man who sold the car to the Stack family learns of the reward, tracks down the Stacks, and offers them $200 for it. 









Three thousand years after ancient Egyptian Neferus's death, Professor Dean Lambert (who looks like Neferus) is translating his history, tablet by tablet. Dean is convinced that falling in love will ruin him as it did Neferus, whose love to the Pharaoh's daughter led to his downfall. He meets aspiring actress and heiress Jane van Buren and exchanges clothes with her drunk partner, Snoop Donlan. Dean is arrested for stinking of liquor. His arrest makes the papers and he is asked to resign from the museum staff. Dean has ten days to join an expedition leaving for Egypt from New York and becomes a stowaway in the trailer of a pair of newlyweds bound for Niagara Falls. Snoop then accuses Dean of stealing his watch and clothes. Jane, meanwhile, follows the trailer in order to return Dean's clothes and the museum's car. 



In Ireland, Major Adair's older daughter Eileen is about to marry Lawrence Blake for his money, in order to pay off her father's debts, even though she really loves Jack Breen.










A husband-and-wife detective team look into the murder of one of her friends, whose father, a prominent scientist, has been kidnapped. They find themselves up against a sinister crime organization headed by a mysterious figure known only as "Z".



Jimmy Harrigan, on shore leave in San Pedro, meets and falls for Sally Brent .She promises to wait for him when he ships out to San Francisco, but Jimmy becomes jealous and tells her off, when he learns Sally has entered a marathon dance contest sponsored by a lecherous snake named Baron Portola. Along with several of his Navy pals, Jimmy goes to the ballroom the night of the dance marathon to try to change Sally's mind and win her back.






DIE ABENTEUER DES KARDINAL BRAUN  (1967)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Small time crook Napoleone falls into an unlikely gang made up of a gangster, called The Baron, and his two cohorts, Agonia and The Captain. Napoleone takes them to Rome where they join up with a shady used car dealer caled Il Cajella to rob a statue from the Vatican. But a big-time American gangster, named Joe Ventura, hears about the heist and wants the priceless statue for himself.


Im Petersdom wird die Pietà gestohlen. Im Vatikan nimmt sich Kardinal Braun der Sache an. Unter seinem Kommando beginnt eine wilde Verfolgungsjagd durch Rom und Umgebung. Joe Ventura glaubt, dass der Vatikan die Pietà kaufen wird, um die Sache geheim zu halten. 







LES AMOURS DE MINUIT  (1931)  * with switchable English subtitles *


On the train that takes him to a major port to embark for South America, Marcel Valmont meets Gaston Bouchard, a fearsome escaped criminal. He soon realizes that Marcel has a large wad of cash on him. Arriving at the station, Bouchard manages to thwart the surveillance of the police, after having sent Marcel to wait for him at the station buffet. There he meets a young woman, Georgette Lajoie, whom Bouchard introduces to him as his sister, but who turns out to be his mistress. Bouchard orders Georgette to seduce Marcel to rob him, then leaves to negotiate with the captain of a boat his passage to South America. But Georgette, sensitive to Marcel's charm, breaks down and asks him to leave her, so that he can escape Bouchard. He manages to find her in Paradise, a cabaret in which she is the star attraction, and thus throws himself into Bouchard's dangerous claws.





STRANGE MR. VICTOR  (1938)  * with switchable English subtitles *


A merchant from Toulon of honorable appearance is, in fact, a fence for a gang of criminals. Threatened with blackmail, he commits a murder for which an innocent man is sentenced to prison. Eight years later, the convict escapes and the merchant takes him in.














HASEK’S STORIES FROM THE OLD MONARCHY  (1952)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Soup for Poor Children tells the story of how Prince Robert himself cooked soup for poor children; The Meeting of the Municipal Council in Mejdlovary is the history of the filling of the post of municipal policeman; The Troubles of Mr. Tenkrat shows how strange events lead to marriage and promotion; The Revolt of Convict Sejba describes the victorious struggle of Convict Sejba for a dumpling for the altar at mass.










LE FAR WEST  (1973)  * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *

Jacques, a 40-year-old citizen of Brussels, meets the fakir, Abracadabra who, before dying, gives him a special power. Jacques then meets Gabriel, a generous man, who dresses up as Davy Crockett, and who follows Jacques without asking questions. The two companions and other new friends set out to conquer the Wild West - just as Voltaire sought Eldorado, and Saint-Exupéry the unknown planet. The Wild West they seek cannot be found, because it is an imaginary place, a piece of happiness buried in our hearts.










LIFESPAN  (1975)


Dr. Ben Land travels to Amsterdam to meet with Dr. Linden, an expert who is supposedly close to a breakthrough in anti-aging science. Unfortunately, Dr. Linden is discovered hanged and Ben is left with only baffling clues. He becomes intimate with Anna, who worked as a model for the doctor. In an extended and controversial scene, the two engage in light shibari bondage (the first such instance of bondage in mainstream media). Later, Ben discovers that Anna knows more than she should about the mysterious 'Swiss man', Nicholas Ulrich.





https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015310-catskill-honeymoon-1950-with-hard-encoded-english-subtitles-.jpgCATSKILL HONEYMOON  (1950)  * with hard-encoded English subtitles *   *IMPROVED*


After the Second World War, when vacation facilities changed from farm houses and bungalow villages to boarding houses and large hotels, Catskill vacationers fleeing the long, hot summers of New York City started demanding more recreational activities.  To answer this need and to stimulate business, resort owners were obliged to move into the entertainment business.  In this film, a Jewish resort hotel celebrates a pair of longtime customers' fiftieth wedding anniversary by staging an old-fashioned Borscht Belt show replete with singers, dancers, comedians, and impressionists. Filmed on location at Young's Gap Hotel in Parksville, New York the film includes glimpses of the golf course, tennis matches, calisthenics classes and sunbathers. True to the Catskill entertainment routines of that time, the cast includes an attractive young male star to enthrall the young ladies and a beautiful female star to beguile the male audience. Released in 1949, one year after the founding of the state of Israel the climax of the film occurs with the last sketch. The final act "Songs of Israel" hails the new state with fervor and joy. The film is a period piece providing an interesting glimpse of the legendary Catskills and Borscht Belt.





https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0004/0004196-das-unsterbliche-herz-1939-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgDAS UNSTERBLICHE HERZ  (1939)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Nuremberg durting the time of Albrecht Durer and the famous geographer Martin Behaim:  the locksmith Peter Henlein is looking for a way to make bullets more accurate by designing a new form.  Just as he welds together two round balls into an elongated shape, he believes he's discovered that his assistant Konrad is trying to alienate his wife from him.  There is a struggle, during which Henlein's new kind of bullet strikes him in the chest.  The doctor, unaware that there are two bullets lodged in his body, because there was only one shot, only removes one.


Nürnberg zur Zeit Albrecht Dürers und des berühmten Geographen Martin Behaim: Der Kunstschlosser Peter Henlein sucht nach einer Möglichkeit, Gewehrkugeln durch eine neue Form treffsicherer zu machen. Gerade als er zwei runde Kugeln zu einer länglich geformten zusammenschweißt, glaubt er zu entdecken, dass sein Assistent Konrad ihm die Frau abspenstig machen will. Es kommt zu einem Handgemenge, in dessen Verlauf Henleins neuartiges Geschoss ihn selbst in die Brust trifft. Der Arzt, der nicht ahnt, dass es sich um zwei – im Körper getrennte – Kugeln handelt, entfernt nur eine.




https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0002/0002844-sommerliebe-1942.jpgSOMMERLIEBE  (1942)


1909.  A noble and inheritor of an estate falls in love with an attractive young woman during a vacation on the Adriatic.  After her sudden departure, he tries in vain to find the unknown woman until he unexpectedly happens to see her in a spa near his estate.  She’s an actress and prefers success in her career over marriage.


1909. Ein adliger Gutserbe verliebt sich während eines Urlaubs an der Adria in eine attraktive junge Frau. Nach ihrer plötzlichen Abreise versucht er vergeblich, die Unbekannte zu finden, bis er sie in einem Kurort nahe des Gutes unverhofft wiedersieht. Sie ist Schauspielerin und zieht den Erfolg im Beruf einer Ehe vor.






https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0011/0011856-sommernachte-1944.jpgSOMMERNACHTE  (1944)


Each year, Dr. Thomas from Berlin takes his vacation in a Masurian village.  But this year, a special surprise awaits him in his idyllic retreat:  love.  Gabriele Bremer is the name of the girl of his dreams; but she thinks Thomas is only interested in a vacation fling and thus tells him, she’s married.  And to support this lie, Gabriele asks an old friend, Kuno, to come up there and pretend to be her spouse.


Jedes Jahr verbringt der Berliner Arzt Dr. Thomas seine Ferien in einem masurischen Dörfchen. Aber dieses Jahr erwartet ihn in dem Urlaubsparadies eine ganz besondere Überraschung: die Liebe. Gabriele Bremer heißt die Frau seiner Träume, doch sie glaubt, Thomas sei nur an einem Ferienflirt interessiert und behauptet deshalb, sie sei verheiratet. Um diese Behauptung zu untermauern, bittet Gabriele ihren alten Freund Kuno, anzureisen und sich als ihr Gatte auszugeben.



 Thank you and the best to all of you,