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FUN IN THE BARRACKS  (1932)  * with switchable English and French subtitles *


1885. A mix of regular soldiers and reservists show their different responses to their daily military routines. However, a crisis emerges when a general pays a visit while two deserters are on the lam.











ECLIPSE  (1934)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Osaki Shuichi and his cousin Nishimiura Kinue leave their hometown for the metropolis of Tokyo. They are in love with each other, but Kinue is expected to marry the lawyer Kanda Seiji. Shukichi becomes tutor to the son of the rich Iwaki family. The heartbroken Kinue also makes her way to the capital, where she becomes a bar hostess.












PETER IBBETSON  (1935)  * with switchable English and French subtitles *



A Victorian-era architect commissioned by the Duke of Towers to design his stables falls in love with the Duchess.











CESAR  (1936)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Honoré Panisse is dying, cheerfully, with friends, wife, and son at his side. He confesses to the priest in front of his friends; he insists that the doctor be truthful. But, he cannot bring himself to tell his son Césariot that his real father is Marius, the absent son of César, Césariot's godfather. Panisse leaves that to Fanny, the lad's mother. Dissembling that he's off to see a friend, Césariot then seeks Marius, now a mechanic in Toulon. Posing as a journalist, Césariot spends time with Marius and leaves, believing tales that Marius is involved in burglary and drug trafficking. Only after the truth comes out can Marius, Fanny, César, and Césariot step beyond the falsehoods, benign though they may be









THE HUMAN BEAST  (1938)  * with switchable English subtitles *


In this classic adaptation of Emile Zola's novel, a tortured train engineer falls in love with a troubled married woman, who, together with her husband, committed a murder.












https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0014/0014755-the-golden-key-1939-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgTHE GOLDEN KEY  (1939)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Wooden boy Buratino and his puppet friends seek their happiness courtesy of a magic book, which tells of a country where all the children go to school and old people live well.










LOVE LETTERS  (1942)  * with switchable English subtitles *


During the reign of Napoléon III, a plucky businesswoman agrees to receive love letters to a prefect’s wife from a young official, and soon finds herself embroiled in a scandal that inflames a town’s class tensions.











THE LIVING MAGOROKU  (1943)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Propaganda film about a family that won't allow the military to grow crops on their fields due to their superstitious beliefs about their son's illness, with sub-plots about about the family's heirloom sword and a blossoming romance.











DAYS AND NIGHTS  (1945)  * with switchable English subtitles *


The film is based on Konstantin Simonov's novel about the momentous Battle of Stalingrad and the struggles of a Soviet unit to survive to its conclusion.









PINK STRING AND SEALING WAX  (1945)  * with switchable English subtitles *

A drunken, abusive tavern-keeper's adulterous wife uses the backward son of a rigid, puritanical pharmacist who makes his entire family miserable.












https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0014/0014782-from-this-day-forward-1946-bonus-film-the-true-glory-1945.jpgFROM THIS DAY FORWARD  (1946)  +  BONUS FILM:  THE TRUE GLORY  (1945)


In flashbacks, the 1938 courtship and marriage of young machinist Bill Cummings and bookstore clerk Susan are recalled: newlywed bliss; unemployment; opportunity with hidden drawbackws; war; and separation. Now out of the army, Bill job-hunts and worries about the future.

Also included is the 81-min. long documentary about the Allied invasion of Normandy:  THE TRUE GLORY  (1945).








THE DAMNED  (1947)  * with switchable English subtitles *  +  BONUS FILM:  DRAGNET  (1947)


As Germany is in the throes of losing World War II, a number of wealthy Nazis and some French sympathizers head for South America in a German submarine leaving from Oslo. The film's narrator is a French doctor who has been kidnapped to tend to a sick woman, Hilde Garosi, the wife of one man and the lover of another, both aboard. The doctor realizes he will be murdered at any point once the woman has recovered, so he tries various stratagems to escape.

Also included is the 68-min. long crime drama:  DRAGNET  (1947).








LA CHARTREUSE DE PARME  (1948)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Fabrice del Dongo, a young archbishop, gives his all to romance rather than to the Church, creating complications for everyone around. The Countess of San Severina is but one of the women who love him a la folie, spurring jealous retribution in high places from those who want her. From his prison window, Fabrice falls in love with the jailer's daughter, who takes a vow to the Virgin Mary to never see him again if he somehow manages to escape his cell.










THE CURSE OF THE HIDDEN VAULT  (1964)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Mobsters conspire to loot another criminal's treasure secured in an enormous booby-trapped vault.


Eine Ganovenbande hat es auf das versteckte Vermögen eines alten Spielclubbesitzers abgesehen. Dabei ist ihnen die junge Frau, die dieser als Erbe eingesetzt hat, im Weg.








ZIMMER 13  (1964)  * with switchable English subtitles *


A serial-killer is murdering the ladies of a night club. Detective Gray is looking for the killer, but can only find a lot of gangsters. And the killer is about to act again.


In London fallen Frauen, wahllos, einem Rasiermessermörder zum Opfer. Gleichzeitig palnt eine Gaunerbande den Überfall auf einen Postzug.











DER ENGEL MIT DER POSAUNE  (1948)  * with switchable English and German subtitles *

On 19 August 1948, the residents of Salzburg, Austria --- then in the American occupation zone --- had the opportunity to attend the premiere of a film claiming to be an epic about Austria and its people. The film covered a period starting in 1888, shortly before the suicide of Crown Prince Rudolf in Mayerling and ended with "the present day", i.e., the rebuilding of Austria after the end of World War II. The film was based on a novel of the same name by Ernst Lothar, a successful writer and theatre director, who fled to the United States in 1938. Having joined the American Army in the fight against Hitler, he returned to his native country as quickly as possible and by June 1946, was placed in charge of reviving the country's cultural life in the Allied zones. Der Engel mit der Posaune was meant to reveal the true lives and scandals of many Austrians, who hid their dirty laundry behind baroque facades, correct behavior, and unquestioned traditions. The house in the movie symbolizes Austria. Franz Alt and his brother Otto Ebrhard admire and ape the Emperor's dedication to the status quo and repression of progressive ideas. Franz' wife Henriette, however, lives a double life. Franz married her, fully aware that she had been close to the Crown Prince. Unlike the novel, the film prefers to present her relationship to the royal family as strictly platonic; but tragedy and long-reaching consequences result from this relationship, which affect the lives of all related and connected to Henriette over a fifty year period.


Der Film beginnt 1888, in der bürgerlichwohlhabenden Welt einer Wiener Klaviermacher-Familie. Ueber dem Eingang ihres Hauses prangt ein Engel aus Stein, der mit vollen Backen eine Posaune bläst. Franz Alt, der Chef des Hauses, heiratet Henriette Stein, die Tochter eines verstorbenen Universitäts-Professors, obwohl er erfährt, daß Henriette mit dem österreichischen Kronprinzen Rudolf bekannt ist. Die Historie und das Leben der Alts gehen miteinander über die weiße Wand: Der plötzliche Tod des Kronprinzen, die k. u. k.-Zeit mit einem Duell, der erste Weltkrieg, aus dem Franz Alt, gelähmt zurückkehrt.





https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0014/0014807-the-killer-that-stalked-new-york-1950-bonus-film-the-queen-of-spades-1949.jpgTHE KILLER THAT STALKED NEW YORK  (1950)  +  BONUS FILM: THE QUEEN OF SPADES  (1949)


Police seek a smuggler while doctors, unaware she's the same person, desperately comb unprotected New York for a smallpox carrier.











LOVE IS MY PROFESSION  (1958)  * with switchable English subtitles *


A petty criminal, aged 22, attractive Yvette is caught after robbing a watchmaker's shop with a toy pistol and knocking down his old wife. To defend her, she asks for André Gobillot, a leading member of the Paris bar. Telling him she has no money to pay him, she lifts her skirt to show him her goods. Accepting the deal, he arranges a false witness and after getting her acquitted, instals her in a small hotel. His childless wife, Viviane, realises what is happening, but hopes the improbable affair will not last. Knowing nothing about the girl, Gobillot has first to wean her off drink and drugs. He also doesn't know that she is still entertaining her current lover, an impoverished medical student called Mazetti. As Gobillot's obsession grows, his wife gets more alarmed and an enquiry is opened into his bribing the witness who lied.







SOUR GRAPES  (1974)  * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *


Far behind the lines, Vahe receives the news of his father's death. The small boy can neither accept it nor reconcile himself with his new family after his mother marries another man. The boy prefers to live with his handicapped uncle and every day visits the railway station waiting for the trains coming from the frontline. Why does the boy believe his father will show up on one of them?






TWENTY DAYS WITHOUT WAR  (1976)  * with switchable English subtitles *


During a 20-day leave, war correspondent Lopatin travels by train to the distant city of Tashkent. It's very far from the front, but the war seems to be present in people's minds even there.













https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0014/0014811-jacob-the-liar-jakob-der-lugner-1975-with-multiple-switchable-subtitles-.jpgJACOB THE LIAR  (1975)  * with multiple switchable subtitles *


A ghetto somewhere in occupied Poland in 1944 (not many of those left in 1944): The Jew Jakob Heym is sent to the office of the Gestapo for violating curfew. Instead of the usual chicanery, he happens to hear the German's radio on the sly and discovers the Red Army is advancing. Full of hope for a better future, he tells others in the ghetto about the impending liberation. Now, the despairing inhabitants of the ghetto have found a new reason to live. There are no more suicides among the inhabitants and Jakob becomes a sort of messiah for the hopeful. But because the Soviets aren't pushing forward at an Olympic pace and disappointment and doubt is starting to creep in among the oppressed, Jakob finds himself having to think of ever new lies to explain why Stalin hasn't liberated them already. Jakob tells people he has a hidden radio, which is the source of his reports. He means to enforce people's belief in his stories; but possessing a radio in the ghetto is strictly forbidden (on pain of death).

Ein Ghetto irgendwo im besetzten Polen des Jahres 1944. Wegen angeblicher Überschreitung der Ausgangssperre wird der inhaftierte Jude Jakob Heym zum Revier der Gestapo geschickt. Statt der üblichen Schikane hört er dort zufällig im Radio, die Rote Armee wäre auf dem Vormarsch. Voller Hoffnung auf eine menschenwürdige Zukunft erzählt er den anderen Lagerbewohnern von der bald bevorstehenden Erlösung. Die verzweifelten Menschen schöpfen neuen Lebensmut, es gibt keine Selbstmorde mehr und Jakob wird in die Rolle eines mehrwissenden Heilsbringers gedrängt. Damit die Hoffnung nicht wieder erlischt, geht Jakob auf die Bedürfnisse seiner Mitgefangenen ein und denkt sich immer neue Lügen über die vermeintlich näher rückenden russischen Befreier aus. Jakob erfindet ein verstecktes Radio als Nachrichtenquelle, damit ihm die anderen glauben, aber dessen Besitz ist im Ghetto strengstens verboten.





https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0014/0014812-vertigo-le-vertige-1926.jpgVERTIGO  (1926)  * with switchable English subtitles *


The film opens with the overthrow of the Czar during the 1917 Russian revolution. The family of General Count Svirsky is cowering in its home, certain that the mob of angry peasants will tear them apart. But even in this moment of crisis, Svirsky can find time to murder the young officer who has been having an affair with Countess Svirska. The Countess knows what has happened, but she loyally remains with her husband as they escape to the safety of the French Riviera. It is here that the Countess meets Henri de Cassel, the “living image” of her dead lover…









IT HAPPENED HERE  (1965)  * with switchable English subtitles *


In 1940, the Germans invade Great Britain and transform it into a fascist state where some Britons collaborate and others resist. In 1944, an apolitical Irish nurse becomes a reluctant player in the fight between the two sides.











 WITNESS OUT OF HELL  (1967)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Lea Weiss, a Polish Jew, was first forced into prostitution at Auschwitz. Afterwards, she was victimized in medical experiments. Now, twenty years later, a German war-crime prosecutor hopes she will be their star witness. But can she stand up to the shame, the publicity, and the reliving of those experiences?











HERCULES OF THE DESERT  (1964)  * with switchable English subtitles *


A fabulous land of green pastures is protected from invasion by the mysterious Valley of the Thundering Echo. Queen Farida draws together the desert tribes to conquer the land, even though a prophecy has promised the land to the Gameli tribe. The Gameli journey to the Silver Temple, where the High Priest summons the legendary Maciste from the mountain rock to defeat their enemies and guide them to their promised land. Maciste materializes magically from a rock wall in a cave in this film, tying in with Maciste's claim in earlier films that his name means born of the rock.







 POET  (1957)  * with switchable English subtitles *

The Bolsheviks try to retake a Russian city from tsarist and French forces during the Russian Civil War. A local poet helps the Bolsheviks by writing two poems: one for the May Day celebration, and one for the celebration of the anticipated Bolshevik victory against their enemies.








LOVE CAMP  (1977)  * with switchable English subtitles *


A group of women are kidnapped by guerrillas and forced to serve as prostitutes in a jungle brothel. The sadistic female warden decapitates uncooperative girls. A cinematic treat for grannie and the little kids, too (not)!







https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0014/0014818-the-horsemen-1950-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgTHE HORSEMEN  (1950)  * with switchable English subtitles *


On a Cossack stud farm, a foal is orphaned when its mother dies giving birth to him. As the horse gets older, it only gets wilder. The farm's expert trainer thinks the best way to break the horse is to whip him after he's thrown from it. But the Cossack who's been close to the horse since birth uses kindness and patience to bring the horse under control. This, and the expert's being made a fool out of in a race by the same horse with its Cossack jockey, leads to a dangerous animosity, which, with the German invasion in 1941, will put both the Cossack and his horse in great danger.









https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0014/0014828-un-comisar-acuza-an-inspector-accuses-1974-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgUN COMISAR ACUZA  (1974)  * with switchable English subtitles *


Gripping story based on historical events: The Iron Guard, a Romanian nationalist and patriotic movement of extreme right, executed forty political prisoners on the night of 27 November1940 at Jilava prison (in the movie, named "Viraga"). The next day, two teams arrested and shot the former minister Virgil Madgearu and the world famous historian Nicolae Iorga (in the movie: Costin Märgeanu and Nicolae Jugu). To quash the political outcry, the Police Prefect Stefan Zävoianu conveniently assigns the cases to a commissioner from the "Morals Division", Tudor Moldovan, hoping that he will fail to get to the bottom of the case. Moldovan, however, isn't as incompetent as they wish him to be.








https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0014/0014969-il-bandito-1946-with-switchable-english-and-spanish-subtitles-.jpgIL BANDITO  (1946)  * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *


A contingent of Italian prisoners of war arrive in Turin on a train from Germany after World War II. The city where Ernesto lives has been bombed out; his mother is dead; and his sister has gone missing. Help for returning veterans is scant and bureaucracy rampant. Ernesto tries to get an honest job, but fails. After finding a lost purse and meeting the dangerously seductive Lidia, Ernesto discovers the whereabouts of his lost sister. He unwittingly causes her a lot of problems.











IN THE NAME OF THE LAW  (1949)  * with multiple, switchable subtitles *


Guido Schiavi, a young magistrate from Palermo, is sent as a judge to Capodarso and, for the sake of justice and legality, is forced to fight against various social injustices. His zeal will lead him to clash with a notable, the Baron lo Vasto and against the mafia, represented by the farmer Turi Passalacqua and his men. All this surrounded by a conspiratorial and highly suspicious reality that does nothing but hinder his work. Alone against all, supported solely by Grifò, the marshal of the local carabinieri station, and by his young friend Paolino, he will lead his battle to the end, which consists not only of applying the law, but also in teaching its value.









An ex-priest escapes from a mental asylum and decides God wants him to kill people who commit sins. In his spare time, he tries getting a book he wrote published. Would be ridiculous, if not for murders of the same ilk happening every day in the United States these days.












https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0014/0014841-variola-vera-1982-with-switchable-english-and-spanish-subtitles-.jpgVARIOLA VERA  (1982)  * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *


The plot of the film is based on an actual smallpox epidemic which broke out in Yugoslavia in 1972. It starts with a Muslim pilgrim who has returned from Saudi Arabia with an unknown disease. Moving from place to place, he dies and the infection spreads. By the time those in charge realize it's a disease which was thought to have been eradicated, it's already too late: smallpox starts running rampant throughout the population. The film follows the behavior of almost all layers of society in which the epidemic occurs: patients in the hospital; the medical staff; ordinary citizens; politicians. With the terror of the disease comes people's true colors to the fore.








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