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Eddie Quillan as Bud Doyle Lew Cody as Wally Weber James Gleason as Sleepy Jones Marian Nixon as Babe Ellis King Baggot as Mike Paul Hurst as Cantina Bartender Clarence Wilson as Mr. Emory Frederick Burton as Pop Blake Billy Sullivan as Speed Martin Lillian Leighton as Ma Clancy Mike Donlin as The Dude

Bud Doyle is a jockey who has discovered the secret to get his favorite mount, Six-Shooter, to boost his performance. If he simply chants the phrase, "Whoop-te-doo", the horse responds with a burst of speed. There is a special bond between the jockey and his mount, but there is increasing tension between Doyle and the horse's owner, Pop Blake (who also raised Doyle), over Doyle's relationship with local singer Babe Ellis. Blake sees Ellis as a distraction prior to the upcoming big race, the Camden Stakes. The owner of the club where Babe sings, Wally Weber, has his eyes on his horse winning the Camden Stakes. When the issues between Pop and Doyle come to a head, Pop tells Doyle that he has to choose: either he stops seeing Babe, or he'll be replaced as Six-Shooter's jockey in the big race. 

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 74 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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