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STEFAN LUCHIAN (1981) * with multiple switchable subtitles *

Ion Caramitru Stefan Luchian Maria Ploae Luchian's girlfriend George Constantin Nicolae Manolache Constantin Dinulescu Dorina Done Petrica Gheorghiu

The eventual Minister of Culture in Romania, Ion Caramitru, plays the lead role in this work about one of the country's most famous artists; and it is especially notable for the absence of propaganda which, subtly or otherwise, penetrated into every film of the period. Stefan Luchian lived and worked in the newly-formed Romanian state (not even fifty years old) in the early 20th Century and suffered from a disease which would eventually paralyze him. This delicate film about art and the struggles of life  --- the artist could not pursue physical love and poured all his strength into his paintings --- is refreshingly devoid of preaching and condenscension. It's a film which seems to move much faster than its actual duration.


DVD-R is in Romanian with switchable English, German, French, and Spanish subtitles. Approx. 93 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!




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