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BALLAD OF SIBERIA (Tales of the Siberian Land) (1947) * with hard-encoded Japanese and switchable English subtitles *

Vladimir Druzhnikov as Andrei Nikolayevich Balashov Marina Ladynina as Natasha Pavlovna Malinina Boris Andreyev as Yakov Zakharonovich Burmak Vera Vasileva as Nastenka Petrovna Gusenkova Sergei Kalinin as Kornei Nefedovich Zavorin Yelena Savitskaya as Kapitolina Kondratyevna Vladimir Zeldin as Boris Olenich Mikhail Sidorkin as Sergei Tomakurov Grigoriy Shpigel as Grigori "Grisha" Galadya

Ballad of Siberia was the Soviet Union's second color film (after the Stone Flower, which we also sell). The film tells the story of the pianist Andrei Balashov, who, after being wounded at the front during the Great Patriotic War, loses the opportunity to earnestly pursue music due to a hand injury. Without saying goodbye to his friends and his beloved Natasha, he goes to Siberia. He works on the construction of a plant, and in the evenings sings in a teahouse. By chance, weather conditions force the plane with Andrey's friends, Boris Olenich and Natasha, who are flying to a competition abroad, to land at the airport near the building of the plant. Andrey meets them and it changes his life. He travels to the Arctic and is inspired by the heroic labor of the builders to write a symphonic oratorio "Ballad of Siberia", which receives universal recognition.


DVD-R is in Russian with hard-encoded Japanese and  switchable English subtitles. Approx. 114 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!




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