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PEARLS OF THE DEEP (1966) * with switchable English subtitles *

Pavla Marsálková ... Matka (segment "Smrt pana Baltazara") Ferdinand Kruta Ferdinand Kruta ... Otec (segment "Smrt pana Baltazara") Emil Iserle Emil Iserle ... Stryc (segment "Smrt pana Baltazara") (as Jan Pech) Alois Vachek Alois Vachek ... Mrzák (segment "Smrt pana Baltazara") Milos Ctrnacty Milos Ctrnacty ... Zpevák (segment "Podvodníci") Frantisek Havel Frantisek Havel ... Novinár (segment "Podvodníci") Josef Hejl Josef Hejl ... Holic (segment "Podvodníci") Jan Vasák Jan Vasák ... Zrizenec (segment "Podvodníci") Josefa Pechlatová Josefa Pechlatová ... Matka (segment "Dum radosti") Václav Zák Václav Zák ... Malír (segment "Dum radosti") Antonín Pokorný Antonín Pokorný ... Uredník (segment "Dum radosti") Vera Mrázkova Vera Mrázkova ... Nevesta (segment "Automat Svet") Vladimír Boudník Vladimír Boudník ... Vytvarník (segment "Automat Svet") Alzbeta Lastovková Alzbeta Lastovková ... Vycepní (segment "Automat Svet") Dana Valtová Dana Valtová ... Cikánka (segment "Romance") Ivan Vyskocil Ivan Vyskocil ... Gaston (segment "Romance") Karel Jerábek Karel Jerábek ... Hlídac (segment "Romance") Ivan Vyskocil Ivan Vyskocil ... Uredník (segment "Dum radosti")

Set against the backdrop of a repressed Czechoslovakia, five non-related vignettes are presented, each showcasing the need and want for human connection. In "Mr. Baltazar's Death", a middle aged couple, who are expert mechanics, travel to a motorcycle race, where they congregate with the masses at a spot where, historically, there have been lots of accidents. In "Imposters", two elderly hospital patients talk about their past professional glories as a journalist and light opera star, respectively. Each man wants to hear about the other more than tell his own story for good reason. In "The House of Joy", two national insurance agents believe they have an easy sale, when they visit an elderly goat farmer and amateur painter, who uses whatever surface is available as his canvass. But the sale will not be as easy as the men first believe it will be. In "The Restaurant the World", a wedding reception is taking place in part of a busy self-service diner. The reception guests are oblivious to the sadness of life taking place all around them with the bride determined to make the most of *her* night. And in "Romance", a working class lad, out on the town on his own, is mesmerized by a young gypsy girl.

DVD-R is in Czech with switchable English subtitles.  Approx. 107 mins.  See film samples for sound and video quality!  


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