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PADDY O'DAY (1935)

Directed by Lewis Seiler Written by Lou Breslow Edward Eliscu Story by Sonya Levien Produced by Sol M. Wurtzel Jane Withers as Paddy O'Day Pinky Tomlin as Roy Ford (listed as Ray Ford in the film credits) Rita Cansino as Tamara Petrovitch Jane Darwell as Dora George Givot as Mischa Francis Ford as Officer McGuire Vera Lewis as Aunt Flora Louise Carter as Aunt Jane Russell Simpson as Benton

Eight-year-old Paddy O'Day, a friendly and spirited Irish girl, travels to America to join her mother, who works as a cook for a wealthy family. Aboard ship, she befriends the Petrovitches, a family of Russian dancers, and performs a dance with them while trying to hide the fact that she's brought along her dog. Upon arrival at Ellis Island, the immigration officials are informed that Paddy's mother has died and prepare to send her back to Ireland. To keep her calm, they tell her that her mother is very sick and move her to a locked dormitory on the island. Paddy escapes from the dormitory and hides with her dog in an empty milk canister. The milk truck transports her to Manhattan, where she hops out and is bewildered by all the noise and traffic. A band of street urchins accost her and she beats one of them up with the help of her dog. She charms the policeman who chases away the boys and he gives her a ride on his motorcycle. Along the way he stops a car for speeding and tells the driver to take Paddy to Long Island, so she can be reunited with her mother. In the house where Paddy's mother worked, much effort is being made by the service staff to get Aunt Flora and Aunt Jane, two elderly and fussy spinsters, ready for a trip. The service staff decide to hide Paddy's presence from the family, who would otherwise report her to the immigration authorities.  

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 76 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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