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L'ARGENT (1983) * with switchable English subtitles *

Directed by Jean Renoir Charles Blavette as Antonio 'Toni' Canova Celia Montalván as Josefa Édouard Delmont as Fernand Max Dalban as Albert Jenny Hélia as Marie Michel Kovachevitch as Sebastian Andrex as Gabi Paul Bozzi as the guitar player

Looking for a job, Toni moves from Italy to Southern France. A local woman named Marie takes him in as her tenant and becomes his lover. But when the Spanish guestworker Josepha comes to town, Toni falls for her. To his disappointment, Josepha falls for Albert, an educated and wealthier man from northern France. Albert and Josepha and Toni and Marie have a double wedding, but Toni cannot hide the fact that Josepha is still his great love. After Marie has thrown him out of her house, his obsession with Josepha grows even more pronounced. Toni spends his time observing Josepha's house from a hut in the mountains. Albert becomes increasingly more abusive, so Josepha and her paramour Gabi decide to steal some money and run away. 

Immigré italien, Antonio, dit « Toni », a trouvé du travail à Martigues. Il y vit d'abord auprès de Marie, mais il tombe amoureux de la belle Josépha, d’origine espagnole, dont l’oncle est un petit propriétaire prospère. Josépha se marie avec Albert, un Parisien qui a surtout des vues sur la fortune de l'oncle. Outre son cynisme et sa convoitise, Albert se révèle être brutal avec Josépha. Lorsque son oncle meurt, pour empêcher qu’Albert fasse main basse sur le magot, Josépha projette de s’en emparer et de s’exiler en Amérique avec Gaby, un autre de ses soupirants. 

DVD-R is in French with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 80 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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