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LA FEMME ET LE PANTIN (The Woman and the Puppet) (1929) * with switchable English, German and Spanish subtitles *

Jacques de Baroncelli Writers: Pierre Louÿs (novel), Jacques de Baroncelli (scenario) Stars: Conchita Montenegro, Raymond Destac, Henri Lévêque
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Womanizer Don Mateo helps a girl in a train when she's attacked by another woman. The girl, Conchita, who's employed as a cigarette maker, soon visits rich Don Mateo at his palace in Sevillia. He falls for her, but she enjoys flirting with him. She encourages his advances; then rejects him. She also keeps a portrait of a young man in her room. When Don Mateo offers her money, her mother urges her to accept; but she just runs away. Some months later, he discovers her dancing the Flamenco in a sleazy cabaret. She notices him, flirts with other customers, then with the young man in the portrait, and only afterwards will talk to Don Mateo. During the brief conversation, the club manager asks her to prepare for the next number. Don Mateo soon realizes, that the next number isn't onstage, but in a different room. It's in that room that the girl dances nude for rich tourists. Annoyed, Don Mateo interrupts her dance and asks her to quit. She half-accepts and starts dancing in a different place. A rendez-vous with Mateo is again used to make him mad with love and jealousy. When he learns that the man in the picture is paid by Conchita to act as her lover, he gives up and decides to move to Paris with a friend. Sounds a lot like a knock-off of Carmen, but with a different twist to the ending.

DVD-R has French intertitles with switchable English, German and Spanish subtitles.  Approx. 108 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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