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EVERYBODY LOVES (Kaikki rakastavat) (1935) * with switchable English and Swedish subtitles *

Ansa Ikonen Sirkka Mares Tauno Palo Arvo Lähde Birgit Nuotio Kirsti Kallio Martta Suonio Josefine Kirsti Suonio Gustava Lähde Eine Laine Kielo Mares Osmo Saarnio Piccolo

In a restaurant in summertime Hanko. Sirkka, Arvo, Kirsti, and Karma are spending a fun evening together. Kirsti's in love with Arvo (but he's got the hots for Sirkka). Everyone ends up at a villa on an archipelago with everyone chasing everyone else; but Arvo's mother does not approve of his son chasing after Sirkka. She insists he get to know Kirsti, who's made clear her lust for the woman's son.

DVD-R is in Finnish with switchable English and Swedish subtitles. Approx. 76 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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