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GERMAN WARTIME NEWSREELS 39 * with switchable English subtitles * (IMPROVED)

Updated and improved as of February 2017, this revised disc includes subtitling which does not extend three lines without being split; tighter and cleaner translating; and some video improvements.

Our translations of Die Deutsche Wochenschau newsreels covering the events, mainly in Europe,in January 1945 with first hand film reports.  Each part has variable film quality based on the original films it shows.  Overall, we would say the quality would correspond to a range of well worn VHS to very good DVD quality.  There may be some sound or picture issues on parts of the film.


  • Children ice skating
  • Ice skating championships in Berlin
  • Gymanstics tournament
  • Girls help open a children’s home
  • New leather goods are produced
  • Children receive Christmas gifts
  • A soldier’s choir performs
  • New anti-tank weapons in action
  • Hitler Youth celebrate the Winter Solstice
  • Gebirgsjager training
  • Oberst Rudel in action against Soviet tanks
  • Heavy fighting between Lake Balaton and the Danube in Hungary
  • The Ardennes Offensive opens up with V-1s, Nebelwerfer and artillery
  • German paratroopers and tanks take villages held by the Americans
  • American prisoners and the German advance through the Ardennes
  • Swearing in ceremony of young People’s Grenadiers
  • Weapons are handed out to munitions plants’ workers
  • Defense against another large offensive by the Soviets against Courland
  • Exchange of American and German prisoners of war
  • Efforts of soldiers in bases cut off on the Atlantic coast
  • Large numbers of American and British planes are wiped out on New Year’s Day in Holland and Belgium
  • Karl Benz’s 100thbirthday
  • New personal and express cars for the Reichsbahn
  • The German people donate goods for the newly formed Volksgrenadier divisions
  • Flooding on the Waal in Holland
  • First pictures of the V-2 in flight towards England
  • Swearing in of Volkssturm units in the Protektorat Bohmen und Mahren
  • Wounded soldiers learning to ski
  • The use of women in the airplane industry
  • Processing of sugar beets
  • Training of Norwegian labor battalions
  • New workers’ apartments in Spain
  • Russian Orthodox service for Vlasov’s soldiers in Oslo
  • Training from Volkssturm soldiers
  • The life of the German people underground
  • Soviet Grand Offensive on 13 January 1945



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