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DON'T CHANGE YOUR HUSBAND (Qinghai Chongwen) (1929) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Wang Naidong (Lyton Wong) as Qiping (Chi Ping) Tang Tianxiu (T.S. Tong) as Lijun, Qiping's wife Chen Yitang as Chen Mengtian (Chen Mong Tien), Lijun's lover Yang Aizhen as Qiping's mother Wang Xieyan as Lijun's mother Xie Yunqing (Y.C. Zai) as Lijun's father Cui Tiansheng as Attorney Cui (Attorney Chay, Attorney Tsai) Wu Yixiao as Ah Fu (Ah Foh), a servant from Lijun's family

It’s the summer of 1928, and Wang Qiping is in trouble. Having just been fired from his white-collar job in Shanghai, he discovers that his wife Xie Lijun has been running around with a rich playboy, the college student Chen Mengtian. Wang’s mother is furious about her daughter-in-law’s behavior and goes to the Xie mansion to demand that they return the betrothal gifts. Mrs. Xie, knowing that her daughter is in the wrong, sends her servants to find her daughter and do damage control. She then accedes to Chen’s plan to pressure the couple to file for divorce with Chen’s pal, Attorney Cui. Xie, believing herself and Chen to be truly in love, lets Chen persuade her to go to the lawyer’s office, despite some nagging misgivings. Wang sheds copious tears over their estrangement, but shows up when he receives a letter from Attorney Cui. A farcical scene ensues at the lawyer’s office, in which both husband and wife have second thoughts, and proxies end up taking charge – Mrs. Wang signing for her son, and Chen guiding Xie’s hand.

NOTE:  The last three minutes of the film does not have sound. This is not an error.

DVD-R has Chinese intertitles with hard-encoded English subtitles. Approx. 61 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!


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