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BLIND JUSTICE (Hævnens nat) (1916)

Nikolay Cherkasov Dmitri Illarionovich Polezhayev Boris Livanov Misha Bocharov Mariya Domasheva Masha Polezhayeva Aleksandr Melnikov Red guardsman Kupriyanov Oleg Zhakov Vikenti Mikhailovich Vorob'yov Mykola Nademsky Aleksei Matov Aleksey Mikhaylovich

NOTE: The subject of dog-napping is part of this film. Sensitive viewers should bear this in mind and act accordingly.

A simple-minded circus strongman, John Sikes, has been wrongly accused of a crime committed by another. On the run with his infant son, he enters an affluent house and seeks help from the woman there, but is taken captive and imprisoned. Fourteen years pass. John, a broken man, is released early for good behavior. He goes to find his son Robert at the orphanage, but the boy had been adopted years before. A flashback shows the baby being adopted by the woman whose house John entered and begged for help. 


DVD-R has English intertitles and no subtitles. Approx. 99 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!




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